The Graduate School invites nominations for the Herbert F. Frolander Award for Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistants. The intent of this award is to recognize outstanding teaching and professional involvement, with both faculty and students, by a domestic or international graduate teaching assistant at Oregon State University.

Award Details

The recipient will receive a plaque with their name engraved on it and a cash award in the amount of $1,000. The plaque will be presented during University Day events held in fall. This award may be offered in addition to a graduate assistantship or fellowship.


  • Nominee must be a graduate student in a graduate degree-seeking program at Oregon State University
  • Nominee must plan to enroll in at least 3 graduate credits during the fall 2022 term
  • Nominee must have held a teaching assistantship for at least three terms within the preceding two years

Evaluation Criteria

  • Quality of the nomination materials in addressing:
    • The nominee’s previous academic success
    • The nominee’s scholarly potential
    • The nominee’s commitment, persistence, and leadership
    • The nominee’s life experiences and background
    • The nominee’s overall effectiveness and impact in teaching. Measures of effectiveness and impact may include, but are not limited to accessibility, dependability, guidance, and demonstrated commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable teaching environment supportive of student success and belonging. 
    • The nominee’s CV or résumé 

Nomination Period

The nomination period begins on September 27, 2021. All nominations must be submitted by 5 p.m., May 16, 2022. Awards will be determined in June, 2022.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations may be submitted by the nominee's graduate program director, department chair/head or appropriate college leadership. Students may not apply directly for this award. Each unit (as defined by university major code) may nominate no more than one nominee (total) per award cycle.

In the online nomination form, nominators will be required to prepare/upload the following materials as one PDF document using the following file name convention:
"Nominee's Last Name_Department_Frolander.pdf", and upload it through the nomination form.

  1. A letter of nomination from the nominees’ graduate program director or unit chair/head in which the nominee has been employed as a GTA. The letter should address how the student demonstrated outstanding teaching and excellent professional interaction with faculty and students during their GTA tenure.
  2. Up to two additional letters of support. Signed and unsigned comments solicited and received as part of the teaching evaluation process are not admissible.
  3. A statement from the nominee that speaks to the following areas:
    1. Their academic merit and intellectual vitality
      • This can be demonstrated in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, their commitment and persistence related to previous academic pursuits, their intellectual curiosity and commitment, and the strengths and skills they bring to their graduate studies and graduate teaching assistantship appointments.
    2. A discussion of their skills, knowledge, and previous experiences and how those contribute/will contribute to fostering an inclusive and diverse university community.
    3. The impact of their experience as a graduate teaching assistant at OSU.
  4. A completed Summary of Courses Taught form, including at least three terms of teaching within the preceding two years.
  5. A completed Summary of Teaching Evaluation Scores form, including departmental median scores. In some cases, college median score.
  6. A copy of the nominee’s résumé or curriculum vitae.

    Nomination Form

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    For questions about this award or any Graduate School administered awards, please contact our Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships team