The Graduate School supports OSU faculty members who are interested in establishing new dual or joint graduate degrees or who work with a student wanting to pursue a joint Ph.D. with a partner institution.

Types of degrees

Dual degree

A dual degree program is an integrated program designed to allow students to earn two distinct degrees by completing the requirements of two full degree programs over a shorter time than would otherwise be required to complete both programs. It usually allows students to count some designated credits toward the requirements for both degrees. Dual degree programs are primarily designed for the degrees to be earned concurrently.

The DMV/MPH dual degree is an example of a dual degree.

Joint Degree

A joint degree is a single degree conferred jointly and simultaneously by two or more accredited institutions.

The OSU/UO joint bioengineering degree is an example of a joint degree.

Joint PhD/Cotutelle

A cotutelle is a bilateral doctoral enrollment agreement for a specific student or students with a partner university abroad that shares strong research ties with the home institution. Under the agreement, a doctoral student completes all of the requirements of the PhD program at both the home and partner university, and conducts their dissertation research collaboratively, spending time at both universities, and is supervised by faculty members from both institutions. Students completing a cotutelle will graduate with PhD degrees from both institutions, but will write and defend one dissertation.

Help guides

You can refer to these guides to begin exploring the steps required and the offices involved in establishing a special graduate program.

Questions that are helpful for evaluating new proposals

  • What are the benefits of setting up this program?
  • Do you have full support from your college?
  • Is the partner institution (if applicable) appropriately accredited?
  • When do you anticipate the new program to start?
  • How many students do you anticipate to enroll per year?
  • Are staff available in your college to help manage the program?
  • Who are the faculty involved?


If you are interested in exploring a new dual or joint graduate degree or program, please contact Karen Hanson for a preliminary discussion.