The Graduate School and Inspiration Dissemination Present

Grad Inspire

Impacting our communities, changing our world


   May 12, 2022     5 to 7 p.m.     Memorial Union Ballroom or Register for Zoom

Join us as four current graduate students from Oregon State University share the questions and motivations framing their research in an 8 to 10-minute engaging format.

Grad Inspire combines scholarship communication with personal narrative, giving us a glimpse of not only "how" these students perform their work, but also the motivations and commitment behind it. This event introduces the phenomenal breadth of research, teaching, and discovery undertaken by graduate students at Oregon State.




Grad Inspire is a collaboration between the Inspiration Dissemination radio show and podcast and the Graduate School.

For an accommodation related to a disability please contact Ashleigh Anderson at 541-737-4652 by May 1.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne