Implementing Holistic Admissions

The following guide (2021) provides materials to support faculty and staff who work with graduate students, including a

  1. General framework in organizing holistic admissions criteria
  2. Guidelines on implementing holistic admissions
  3. Suggestions for outward-facing materials and communications with prospective students
  4. Sample rubric currently used by OSU programs in their graduate holistic admissions processes
  5. Curated list of holistic list of holistic admissions resources available when this document was developed

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  Questions about holistic admissions? Contact [email protected].


Holistic Admissions Webinar with ETS (2021)

Carlos Grijalva, Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and Former Graduate Associate Dean at UCLA as well Graduate Education Advisor with ETS will discuss:

  • Principles and nuances of a truly holistic admissions process
  • Increasing access and equity for applicants
  • Best practices in implementation and the benefits
  • Resources, tips and tools to help you navigate the path forward


Holistic Admissions Working Group (2019)

The following report (2019) by the Holistic Admissions Working Group summarizes the comprehensive research of the working group, drawing on both local and national expertise. The goal of this work is to support faculty and staff in implementing more holistic graduate admissions practices. The report includes a summary that serves as a best practices document – a succinct how-to guide – on how to admit students more holistically, as well as an in-depth analysis carried out by the working group.

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Campus visit by Julie Posselt (2019)

Julie Posselt visited Oregon State on February 15, 2019 and presented a seminar: Inside Graduate Admissions - Merit, Diversity, and Faculty Gatekeeping.

Watch the recording from Julie Posselt's seminar.

Download the slides from Julie Posselt's seminar: