Designed to demystify the ins and outs of graduate school.
Any OSU graduate program, college, unit or recognized graduate student groups may request a workshop for a class, meeting, or get-together.

Workshops are 30 to 50 minutes in length, unless otherwise noted. We customize the workshop to your group's needs. Are we missing a topic from this list? Contact the Grad Success Coordinator.

Prospective or admitted students

New or first-year students

Mid-program students

Faculty and staff workshops


What we need from you

  • Please make your requests at least two weeks in advance. Please note we have limited availability for workshops outside of normal business hours.
  • We hold workshops for groups with at least 15 people attending. If you don’t have 15 people, consider collaborating with another group to increase your numbers.
  • To make the event a success, please identify one person to serve as a co-facilitator. Co-facilitators review the session prior to delivery and offer disciplinary expertise as appropriate.

Your group is responsible for all logistics such as room reservations, event registration, marketing, and promotion.

What we do

  • We will work with your group and co-facilitator to customize the workshop to your group’s needs.
  • If you need help with marketing materials or promoting the workshop beyond your unit, please let us know.


Have any questions? Contact the Grad Success Coordinator.

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