Plan your meeting time

  • Start organizing your meeting two months in advance. It can be very difficult to find a date when every member of your committee is available!
  • Obtain contact information (email, office phone, cell phone) for each committee member including your Graduate Council Representative.
  • Over the phone have each committee member identify possible dates/times over a one week window. Using the phone can be quicker than using email.
  • Select a date and time that works for all meeting participants.
  • When the meeting is set, immediately phone each member to request that they enter the meeting date/time on their calendars, or send them a calendar invite.

Find a meeting room

Your department or school office should be able to help you find a room. The Graduate Student Commons also has meeting rooms you can schedule. The Valley Library also has rooms for meetings.

Confirm meeting

  • Send an email to all committee members (and assistants) with the meeting details: time, date, building, room number, and purpose (program committee meeting, oral exam, thesis defense).
  • File an Exam Scheduling Form with the Graduate School.
  • 48 to 72 hours before the meeting send an email reminder to the committee members with time, date, building, room number of the meeting and meeting purpose. Make sure to get confirmation that each member can attend. If one person doesn't show up you will have to reschedule the meeting.

Housekeeping notes

  • Arrange for access to the meeting room. Get building and room keys if necessary.
  • Arrange for audio/visual equipment.
  • Set up remote participation (if needed).
  • Twenty-four hours prior to the meeting reconfirm audio/visual support.
  • Twenty-four hours prior to meeting test remote connections (if needed). If the connection does not work at the time of your meeting you will have to reschedule the meeting.

Day of meeting

  • Determine that audio visual equipment is working.
  • If needed, set up and test equipment of remote participant.