2021-2022 Award Cycle Information

The purpose of the Provost’s Distinguished Fellowship and Scholarship program is to support programs in the recruitment of Oregon State’s most meritorious graduate students. Newly admitted doctoral students, and newly admitted master’s students in degree programs where a Ph.D. degree does not exist at Oregon State, are eligible for nomination for either award. Recipients may receive either a Provost Fellowship or a Provost Scholarship, but may not receive both. Both domestic and international graduate students are eligible for nomination. Graduate students pursuing a certificate only are ineligible for nomination.

  • As a Provost Fellowship, the student is awarded a 12‐month stipend, disbursed in four equal installments; an academic year tuition waiver; supplemental funds to cover the cost of enrollment in three graduate credits during summer term; and subsidized health insurance.
  • As a Provost Scholarship, the student is awarded a sum, disbursed in three equal installments. Scholarships may be offered in conjunction with a graduate assistantship or a fellowship (excluding Provost Fellowships), but neither is a requirement for receiving a Provost Scholarship. Part-time students are eligible for Provost Scholarships. Recipients must register for at least 3 credits each term of the award. 

2021-2022 Provost Overview

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