Registering for classes

Students need an ONID account to register.

The Graduate School informs students to follow their program's advice and schedule for when to register for classes. Some programs work with students to sign up for classes closer to the start of the term.

If you have a new student who is waiting on their undergraduate or master's transcripts, and still need to submit their official transcripts to the Graduate School, they can register for classes even after the term starts. See the academic calendar for specific dates.

Continuous enrollment

Unless on approved leave of absence, all graduate students in degree and certificate programs must register continuously for a minimum of 3 graduate credits, excluding summer session, until their degree or certificate is granted or until their status as a credential-seeking graduate student is terminated. See the catalog for more information on registration requirements.

If the student is not using university facilities or faculty time during the summer, then they may not have to enroll for the summer session. During summer session, a minimum registration of 3 credits is required for graduate assistants on 12-month appointments.

International students should check with the Office of International Services about registration requirements.

Leave of absence

Approved leave of absence includes, but is not limited to, Family and Medical Leave, as defined by the Graduate School's Family and Medical Leave Policy for Graduate Students. Please review the Leave of Absence and Family Medical Leave eligibility comparison tool for questions about the differences between the standard leave of absence and FML.

Students apply for a leave of absence with the Leave of Absence Application.

Unauthorized break

If a student has an unauthorized break in their continuous enrollment, they need to submit a new application and pay the application fee to be considered for readmission. You may want to consult with the student prior to submitting their application to assess their readiness to return.

Minimum credits

Different funding mechanism have different requirements for the minimum amount of credits a student must carry. The following lists some policies around minimum credits. Enrollment guidelines regarding student specific situations should consider all pertainent enrollment minimums.