Completing your graduate degree can be a daunting experience. This guide is intended to prepare you for a successful journey, by laying out the requirements and resources available to meet these requirements. To start, please download and refer to one of our graduate degree flowcharts (also available in our office), which outline the journey you will take to earn a graduate degree at OSU.

Meeting the Required Deadlines

Graduate students must meet many deadlines to earn a degree. Some of the most important are scheduling meetings and exams, completing degree requirements and participating in commencement.

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Graduate School Deadlines


Assembling your Graduate Committee

A committee of Graduate Faculty members is established to guide your course work and research. It also serves as the final examining committee. Your major professor chairs committee meetings.

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Your Graduate Committee


Scheduling Examinations and Formal Meetings

Information and deadlines for scheduling your formal meetings (i.e. program of study meetings, oral preliminary examinations and final examinations) with the Graduate School.

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Exams and Formal Meetings


Program of Study

The program of study helps you define your path to degree completion. Create your program of study in collaboration with your major professor or advisor(s).

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Program of Study

Writing a Thesis or Dissertation

This online guide provides essential information for proper formatting of your thesis, electronic submission, and what must be submitted to the Graduate School prior to taking your final exam.

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Thesis Guide


Preparing for your Final Examination

All degrees require a final examination, which must be scheduled with the Graduate School. You must have completed all course work before this exam is taken.

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Final Examinations


Preparing to Complete Your Degree

To complete your degree, you might need to remove incomplete grades, make changes to your Program of Study, fulfill GPA requirements and other possible deficiencies. When you're ready for this step, make sure you're prepared.

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Complete Your Degree

After You Have Finished...

You should remember these important steps, including the Graduate School Exit Survey, Degree Certification, and Commencement.

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Final Steps


OSU Catalog

The OSU Graduate Catalog is the official source for information regarding OSU graduate education policy and procedures. It is the student's responsibility to refer to the catalog for this information.

Graduate School Forms

The Graduate School has many forms. Most of them can be filled out on your computer and submitted online or via email. Some will need signatures, and must be submitted in person or via regular mail to our office. Find a list of all required forms on the Graduate School website.

Dual Major Degrees

Some degrees allow dual majors. If a student wishes to pursue such a degree, the Graduate School has drawn up guidelines for dual major master's and dual major Ph.D. degrees.

Family Medical Leave

In commitment to increasing the graduating success rate of graduate students at Oregon State University, as well as the quality and diversity of graduating students, the Graduate School has implemented the Family and Medical Leave Policy for Graduate Students. This policy is intended to complement the regular Leave of Absence Policy for Graduate Students as outlined in the Graduate Catalog. To apply for a leave of absence, please see our Leave of Absence Form on this site.