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The university offices that may be involved in establishing a new joint degree program are listed below. As you begin the process, you might want to keep track of the various offices to contact and work with. The Graduate School can assist with this.

  • Academic Program
  • Graduate School
  • Curriculum Management, Assessment and Accreditation
  • Admissions
  • Registrar
  • Business Affairs
  • Financial Aid
  • Contracts Office
  • International Office
  • University Councils

General considerations

Type of program: Level of partnership

Approval process required for each partner

University-level financial considerations

Any field-specific accreditation issues

Contacts needed for each step

Additional administrative staffing needed?

Dispute/conflict resolution

What will tuition rates be? How handled between partners?


How will initial and future curriculum be set?

How will faculty service be handled? Nominations at both schools?

What will the program of study process look like?

What will the exam format be?

How will the thesis publication (if applicable) be handled?

Enrollment management

How will program be advertised?

Who will respond to inquires?

Will there be one or two applications for admission?

How will admissions requirements be set?

If international students are admitted, which school issues immigration docs?

Who will process admissions and communicate with applicants?

Will there be one or two offers of admission?

Can students apply for assistantships at one or both schools?

How will financial aid be handled? Is a consortium needed?

How will data and documents be shared?

What sort of FERPA release is needed?

Do both schools use the same academic calendar?

Are both schools on the same system (e.g. quarter or semester)?

How will coursework be recorded/shared by the schools?

What will transcripts look like?

How will diplomas be generated (one or two)? And by whom?

Will courses be cross listed?

Student services and concerns

What policies must students follow for conduct?

What academic policies must students follow?

What is the student grievance process?

Can students utilize services at both universities?

Are services limited by enrollment, term, etc.?

How will email accounts and other services be kept in active status?

How will student fees be determined?

Which school will require health insurance?

Can students hold assistantships at one or both schools?

If so, how will credits be counted towards enrollment?