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Special Events by Term

  • Grad Welcome Week (fall)

    Start building a solid graduate career with orientation, library day, and GTA training.

  • Orientation for Winter, Spring and Summer Terms

    Attend our orientation for new and transfer graduate students starting in a term other than fall term.

  • Graduate Teaching Handbook

    Get started teaching with on-demand information covering all aspects of becoming a GTA.

  • Grad Writing Group Challenge (winter)

    The challenge is to form a writing group and then to meet virtually at least four times in February. Whether you are forming a group to work on your thesis or dissertation, grant or job applications, or coursework, we hope these meetings help you achieve your writing goals.

  • Grad Inspire (winter)

    Co-created by Oregon State’s Inspiration Dissemination radio show, Grad Inspire explores ideas in action by bringing graduate students to the stage to share their story.

  • Grad Appreciation Week (spring)

    A week-long celebration of graduate students' contribution to making Oregon State the best!


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