In this issue:

  • Job search boot camp for master's students
  • Career workshops for doctoral students
  • HHMI application process update
  • Fall GRAD classes for all majors
  • Writing a Scientific Paper course
  • K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award
  • Postdoc recruitment and professional development opportunity
  • BA 518: Adopting the Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Search Advocate Foundations Workshop Series
  • Social Justice Education

From the Graduate School

Job search boot camp for master's students

Are you a master's student overwhelmed by the process of applying for internships or a job? Want to gain a competitive edge and stand out in a crowded job market? Then this virtual boot camp is for you.

Join for a week of workshops each designed to show master's students how to find and land an internship or job.

Register today!

When: 1 p.m., Sept. 11-14
Cost: Free! You have complimentary access through Beyond Graduate School.

Career workshops for doctoral students

It's the start of a new academic year, and a great time to set goals for your career exploration! Below you'll find information on two upcoming workshops with Beyond the Professoriate.

Reminder: you have access to all of Beyond Prof's workshops and career library through our institutional subscription. Find answers to job search questions, attend a workshop, or browse their career video library to hear how other PhDs have moved into meaningful and rewarding careers.

To register for a workshop follow the link below, log in and register to attend live or receive the replay.

How to manage your overwhelm as a doctoral student or postdoc

When: September 13 at 9 a.m. PT
Where: Register

How to set yourself up for career success after your PhD/postdoc

When: September 27 at 9 a.m. PT
Where: Register

Update to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study

The nomination process has changed for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study award. Faculty and doctoral student pairs submit to the HHMI direction and no longer submit to the Graduate School.

Fellows are supported for up to three years of dissertation research, typically in years 3–5 of PhD study. For the 2023 fellowship cohort the award amount is $53,000 per year. This includes an annual fellow stipend of $36,000, an institution allowance (in lieu of tuition and fees) of $10,000, a fellow's discretionary allowance of $4,000, and an adviser allowance of $3,000 to support diversity and inclusion efforts at the graduate level.

Learn more about the HHMI fellowship

Fall GRAD classes for all majors

View the courses in the Schedule of Classes.

GRAD 516 - Graduate Teaching Seminar (1 credit, online)

This is a 1-credit, just-in-time pedagogy and teaching support course for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) at Oregon State University. This course will provide support for GTAs and other graduate students across OSU's academic disciplines who teach site-based, hybrid, and online courses. The course focuses on evidence-based pedagogical practices with an emphasis on practical strategies and problem-solving, and will be tuned to graduate students' needs and the classes they are instructing.

GRAD 520 - Responsible Conduct of Research (2 credits, online or Corvallis

Covers 10 topics in responsible conduct of research: ethical decision making; human subjects; animal welfare; data acquisition; sharing and ownership; research misconduct; conflicts of interest; authorship; peer review; mentor/trainee responsibilities; and collaborative science. Useful to all students who conduct scholarly activity. Provides transcript-visible training in research ethics relevant to the Graduate Learning Outcome established by Faculty Senate to be able to conduct scholarly and professional activities in an ethical manner.

GRAD 543 - Dialogue Facilitation in Professional Contexts: Skills and Practice for Graduate Students (3 credits, online)

Offers a professional learning experience for graduate students looking to grow as a dialogue facilitator and integrate dialogue practices in their current or future professional responsibilities related to teaching, research, leadership, and/or service.

GRAD 550 - Introduction to Online Course Development and Facilitation (2 credits, online)

Prepares students to develop and teach distance courses. Students explore practical aspects of course development and facilitation: a brief history of distance education and pedagogical theory; course design principles; engagement of adult learners; active learning; and investigation of how online instruction, in addition to offering flexibility and convenience, also offers distinct pedagogical benefits. Open to students in all disciplines.

From our Partners

MB 699 Writing a Scientific Paper in the Biological Sciences

This class is for graduate students in any biological, agricultural, and natural resource science who have completed research and data analysis and are ready to write a journal article for publication. As a model, you will choose a specific scientific journal in your field that is an appropriate outlet for your research. This course will take you through all the stages of preparing an article to submit to your chosen journal. You will have a solid draft by the end of the class. 2 credits, TR 3–4:50 p.m., Corvallis, CRN: 18308, pass/no pass.

K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award call for nominations

The K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Awards recognize graduate students who show exemplary promise as future leaders of higher education and who are committed to academic innovation in the areas of equity, community engagement, and teaching and learning. All nomination materials must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on Sept. 30, 2023.

All doctoral-level graduate students who are planning a career in higher education are eligible, regardless of academic discipline. Graduate students in fields where the master's degree is the terminal degree, such as the MFA in art, are also eligible. The K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Awards provide full financial support for recipients to attend AAC&U's Annual Meeting, which will be held from January 17-19, 2024.

Learn more.

Postdoc recruitment and professional development opportunity

Northwestern University, the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC), and the University of Chicago (UChicago) are excited to announce that applications are now open for the second annual Chicagoland Diverse STEM Postdoc Recruitment Initiative.

The initiative has two components: professional development programming, and informational interviews. The programming will be held virtually on Oct. 19-20, 2023, while the interviews (also virtual) will take place between Oct. 19 and Nov. 3. The programming includes:

  • Overviews of the postdoc programs at Northwestern, UIC, and UChicago
  • Demystifying the Postdoc Search: From Finding a Position to Negotiating an Offer
  • Effective Interviewing
  • Making the Most of Your Postdoc Experience
  • And more

This opportunity is for advanced (post-candidacy) PhD students, recent PhD grads, or early-career postdoc scholars in STEM fields who identify as an underrepresented racial and/or ethnic minority, disabled, LGBTQIA+, or first-gen. No citizenship requirement.

Learn more and apply by Sept. 11.

New graduate business class for all majors this fall term

BA 518 - Adopting the Entrepreneurial Mindset (3 credits, online)

Are you curious about innovation and entrepreneurship? Do you have an innovative idea but don't know what steps to take next?

Do you want to learn about the mindset that all employers are looking for? BA 518 may be the course you are looking for!

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Analyze the key concepts in entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Recognize and analyze new business opportunities that exist in the marketplace
  • Evaluate the feasibility of pursuing an opportunity that you've recognized
  • Articulate and communicate value propositions
  • Create the components of a business model
  • Apply an entrepreneurial mindset to a "lean startup" project you will create

Questions about the course? Email Professor Manuela Hoehn-Weiss.

Search advocate foundations workshop series

July through Dec. 2023 options are now open for registration. Search Advocates are content-neutral external process advisors who work with search committees to enhance equity, validity, and diversity. The full series is four 4-hour sessions; please go to SA Workshops for the cohort schedule and a link to the registration system.

Social Justice Education

Social Justice Education Initiative workshops are open for registration through fall term 2023. The SJEI is a foundational professional development program for all faculty, staff and graduate students. Join your colleagues to begin, or expand, your equity and inclusion journey. Contact SJEI director Jane Waite for further information: [email protected].