Instructions for Model Letters of Offer for Graduate Fellows

Note to Academic Department, Graduate Programs, and Training Grant/Fellowship Principal Investigators

A letter of offer constitutes a notice of fellowship for eligible graduate fellows. This letter is specifically developed for graduate fellows and should not be used for other appointments. This letter does not offer admission to the University.  Conditions for renewal of this fellowship should not be stated in this letter of offer. All fellowship appointments must meet the definition of a graduate fellow, or under the requirements of the Alternatively-Funded Fellowship Program.

Please clearly articulate the total stipend to be received and the schedule and method under which the stipend will be disbursed. Stipends must be issued quarterly for OSU Foundation + college-funded fellowships. External fellowships and training grants have stipends issued on a monthly schedule.

This letter must be signed by the individual who has signature authority over the graduate fellowship, such as a dean, academic department head/chair, graduate program director (for graduate programs not administered by academic departments), or principal investigators responsible for federally sponsored fellowship programs and training grants.

Once the letter is signed/offer accepted by the student, the appointing program must the respective Graduate Fellow appointment form:

Route the letter and form to the required offices as noted in these instructions.

Please commit no more than a one year fellowship in this fellowship notice, which may overlap fiscal years.

Appointment Dates for Fellowships

  • Nine-month Fellowships:  The academic year beginning and ending dates are September 16 – June 15.  Nine-month fellowships generally start and end on an academic year basis. Term beginning and ending dates are as follows:
    • Fall: September 16 – December 15
    • Winter: December 16 – March 15
    • Spring: March 16 – June 15
    • Summer: June 16 – September 15*

*If you are appointing a graduate fellow for summer session, the fellowship dates must be between June 16 and September 15.  Appointment dates outside of this timeframe will negatively affect the health insurance options made available to the graduate fellow.

  • If the fellowship is for the full fiscal year, please use the following dates: September 16 – September 15.
  • All fellowship letters must be provided at least 30 days before the start of the fellowship.
  • Please note that fellowships may have dates that overlap with a student’s ability to accept a GTA or GRA appointment, early termination may be required.
  • Do not deviate from these dates in the letter unless the external fellowship/training grant has specific award date requirements.
  • If you have questions regarding this model letter or the Graduate Fellow process, including eligibility, contact the Graduate School via email: [email protected].

Graduate Fellowship Template Letters

Graduate Fellow Offer Letters

The following documents include instructions and template language to provide a Graduate Fellowship offer to a selected student.

Graduate fellow letter of offer - OSU + Foundation - 2024-2025

Graduate fellow letter of offer - External + Training - 2024-2025

Graduate fellow letter of offer - Alternatively Funded- 2024-2025

Supplementary Funding for Stipend and/or Tuition Support Letters

The following documents should be used to provide top-up funding from OSU funding sources to meet the Graduate Fellowship Policies of the Alternatively-Funded Fellowship Program.

Stipend support letter of offer 2024-2025

Tuition scholarship letter of offer 2022-2023