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Over 900 international students representing almost 90 countries pursue their education at Oregon State University, and each individual brings his or her own unique experiences, perspectives, and academic goals. Yet many students face common challenges such as adjusting to American culture, developing English language skills, securing student visas, coping with pressures from home, funding education, and establishing new support networks. OSU and the Graduate School are committed to working in partnership with your academic program to ensure you have a quality educational experience.

Requirements for all applicants

Specific international requirements

English Language Proficiency Requirements

English Language Test Requirements
for Regular Admission
550 *
80 *
Minimum score of 18 on each sub-section
For applicants awarded a GTA, a minimum speaking sub-score of 22 is required.
6.5 *
For applicants awarded a GTA, a minimum speaking sub-score of 7.0 is required.
Duolingo -
110 *
(must include sub-scores)
A Duolingo minimum speaking sub-score for GTAs has not been determined. Admission with GTA funding will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

* Certain programs require higher test scores. For more information contact your proposed graduate program.


English Language Test Requirements
for Transitional Admission Program (TAP) See below
Or any sub‐score less than 18
Please note:
  • OSU requires graduate applicants to meet or exceed all five iBT scores to be eligible for regular admission. All scores must be from one exam date, not to be combined with other exam dates.  The Graduate School does not currently accept MyBest TOEFL scores. 
  • Scores must be no more than two years old at the time of the applicant’s first term of registration.
  • The IELTS must be taken using the Academic Training Exam
  • All international applicants seeking graduate teaching assistantships need at least a score of 22 on the iBT speaking portion, and 7.0 on the IELTS speaking portion. Learn more.
  • OSU does not accept the TOEFL ITP- Institutional Exam given by non-OSU locations

 The ETS institution code for OSU is 4586. See the official TOEFL website or official IELTS website for more information on these exams.

Waived from English Language Testing

The English language proficiency requirement is waived for applicants who hold either citizenship or a baccalaureate or graduate degree from a recognized or accredited institution in any of the following countries: Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, British Overseas Territories, British Virgin Islands, Botswana, Cameroon, Canada, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Eswatini, Fiji, The Gambia, Ghana, Grenada, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Kiribati, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Montserrat, Namibia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Rwanda, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Sierra Leone, Singapore, South Africa, Tanzania, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, Uganda, United Kingdom, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

English Language Exceptions

Individual programs may request exceptions to the minimum English language proficiency requirements. Exceptions to the minimum English language requirements will be considered by the Graduate School Dean on request if:

  • The applicant’s GRE Verbal score is greater than 500 (153 – revised GRE),

  • The chair of the Graduate Program (or designated faculty member) has personally interviewed the applicant and established a plan for language support for the applicant, if needed, which may include additional English Language Training,

  • The Graduate Program arranges for the applicant to complete language training at INTO OSU as designated by the Transitional Admission Program (TAP).

Transitional Admission Program (TAP)

Transitional admission based on English language proficiency may be granted to applicants seeking admission to a graduate degree program. Transitional admission of international applicants may be granted only if the applicant is otherwise fully admissible.

Transitional admission for degree-seeking applicants requires:

  • Compliance with the specified plan for English and academic course work during each quarter until such time as the applicant qualifies for regular admission.

  • Individual graduate programs may require additional documents such as GRE and GMAT test results or set higher English and academic standards. For detailed information, contact to your proposed graduate program.

 Transitional admission based on English language proficiency may not be granted to applicants seeking admission to only a graduate certificate program.

International Applicant Financial Documentation

International applicants must secure financial support to meet their educational and living expenses (and their dependents) each academic year. The total amount of expenses is based on average costs for tuition, fees, books and supplies, insurance, and room and board.

Prior to issuance of visa documents (I-20 for the F1 visa or DS-2019 for the J1 visa) the Graduate School must receive all financial documentation.

Documentation to Submit
  • Oregon State University Certification of Finances Form is required of all applicants, regardless of funding source. This includes applicants that have been granted a Teaching or Research Assistantship.

  • Supporting documentation, demonstrating sufficient financial resources for the desired academic program. See below for Acceptable Forms of Financial Documentation

  • Photocopy of Applicant’s Passport and Passport of any dependents (if passport has already been issued – this is used to match the name on the passport and visa documents).

  • Photocopy of Current Visa/I-20 if already in the U.S.  

Monetary Amount to Show

F-1 applicants must show financial documentation for one academic year (three academic terms and one vacation term), or the duration of your program, whichever is less. J-1 applicants must show funding for the entire period of their program of study (three years for Master's and five years for Doctorlal programs). These amounts must also include financial documentation for all dependents that will come to the United States. Please view the OSU Certification of Finances Form for the estimated costs associated with your program of study.

Acceptable Forms of Financial Documentation

You may submit financial documentation from a single or multiple sources of funding for yourself, your family, or any third-party sponsor. Documentation should be written in English or include an English translation. Funding should be shown in U.S. dollars and should not be older than nine months.

  • Personal bank or savings account statement
  • Family member’s bank or savings account statement
  • Assistantship award letter
  • Scholarship award letter
  • Home country/employer sponsorship award letter
  • Educational Loans (Documentation showing distribution of the funds must be provided to the Graduate School prior to registration) 
Not Acceptable
  • Retirement fund accounts
  • Stock certificates
  • Real estate holdings
  • Letter of good financial standing from bank
Affidavit of Support

Spouses, relatives, and other personal sponsors are required to complete the “Affidavit of Support” form when funds held in their name are provided as financial documentation by an international applicant. The affidavit of support helps confirm the legitimacy of financial documentation presented by the applicant. The affidavit of support is located on page two of the Oregon State University Certification of Finances Form.

Sponsored Applicants

If you are sponsored by your home government or cultural mission, or a foreign employer, you need to show financial documentation that covers your current major field of study or degree level and is valid for the period of study.

Departmental Funding

Graduate teaching and research assistantships are employment-based appointments where applicants, in exchange for their service, receive a stipend, tuition remission, and an institutional contribution toward the health insurance program available only to graduate assistants. Teaching and research assistantships are offered on a competitive basis and are generally administered by the academic department/programs. Not all department/programs have funding available for all applicants. Some assistantships do not cover the full costs associated with the program of study. The amount of the stipend will determine if applicants need to show some personal/family funding.

For other questions about being an international student at OSU, please visit the website of the Office of International Services.