A hold prevents students from accessing a university service such as registration or access to transcripts. An action is required by the student to have the hold released. Many OSU departments, including the Graduate School, are able to apply a hold on certain services. Explanations of the types of Graduate School holds are provided below.

Please include your full name and student ID if you contact the Graduate School regarding holds.


A list of hold codes from the Graduate School with their reasons and how to resolve them.
Hold type (description) Reason Processes affected How to clear
EL - TAP Admissions Placed when a student is admitted to the Transitional Admission Program (TAP). Students are not allowed to register for a subsequent term of enrollment until grades from the current term are officially recorded by the Registar’s Office. Registration Contact [email protected]
GD - Grad School Registration The Graduate School has placed a registration hold, which may be due to low grades or other indications of academic problems. Low grade holds require that the student’s graduate program provide a written study agreement before the hold will be lifted to allow registration. GD holds are also placed if a student has completed a degree and should not register for future terms; and are sometimes placed at the request of graduate program directors for a variety of reasons. Registration Contact [email protected]
GM - Grad Admissions Placed when an official transcript, degree statement, or other documents required for admission, have not been provided to the Graduate School. Registration Contact [email protected]