The Faculty as Student Policy specifies that one may not simultaneously be an OSU faculty member and an OSU graduate student without completing a petition process and receiving approval prior to admission to any graduate program.

Policy Statement

Although faculty members are eligible to enroll in courses at staff fees, such course work may not be applied to a graduate degree without prior approval of the Graduate School.

This policy is consistent with practices at other universities and is in keeping with appropriate graduate education practice. Exceptions will be granted only in cases in which the individual requesting the exception has presented a compelling case justifying such an exception including assurance that there are no issues of conflict of interest deriving from the petitioner's student status and faculty employment. Issues that come to bear on the interpretation and application of this Rule include:

  • Potential conflict of interest
  • Timely progress toward degree
  • Inappropriate responsibilities relative to one's student and/or faculty peers
  • Equity in regard to terms of employment for all members of an employment class

The basic conditions delineated in the petition process are minimal conditions that must be met in order for the request to receive formal consideration by the Graduate School; satisfaction of the conditions does not result in automatic granting of an exception.

* Professional faculty members are not required to submit petition materials. However, a professional faculty member’s employment supervisor cannot serve as a major professor or graduate program committee member.  

Petition Process

Please fill out and return the following form:

Be sure to include the name of the petitioner in the subject line of the email.

For questions, please contact Maureen Childers.