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The Accelerated Master's Platform allows current OSU undergraduate students to take graduate classes and apply those credits to their current undergraduate degree and transfer them to a participating graduate program. Up to 22 graduate credits will count towards a bachelor's degree and transfer to a graduate program.

With careful planning, students could complete a master’s degree within 1 year of finishing their bachelor's degree.

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Apply as a junior

Once you have completed 105 credits* you can apply to the Accelerated Masters. (*more for some programs)


Start taking graduate level classes as an undergraduate

Once you are admitted to the Accelerated Master’s Platform, you can take graduate level classes and have them count towards your undergraduate degree and also transfer up to 22 credits towards your master's.


Graduate and start your master's degree

When you start your graduate degree you will have a jump start with your 22 transfer credits. Learn more on the apply page.