At this time, the Graduate School is not accepting proposals for new AMP programs. Pending the results of an evaluation of the AMP program, AMP proposals may be considered in AY2018-19. Please contact Steph Bernell (, if you have further questions.

Participation by individual programs in the Accelerated Master's Platform is entirely voluntary. The Graduate School has begun a three year pilot to assess interest and success of this approach.

A graduate program may submit the following information in a brief proposal to the Graduate School to request participation in an Accelerated Master's Platform (AMP).

  • Title of the AMP
  • Participating undergraduate degree program(s)
  • Participating graduate degree program
  • Which faculty will be responsible for advising and mentoring the AMP students?
  • In what way will the undergraduate curriculum be modified to allow the students to complete their undergraduate degree and make progress toward their graduate degree?
  • Student application deadline for the AMP (if applicable)

Both unit and College leadership from undergraduate and graduate programs must sign the proposal.

Send the application to the Graduate School - Attn: Associate Dean Steph Bernell.