Participation by individual programs in the Accelerated Master's Platform is entirely voluntary. The Graduate School has begun a three year pilot to assess interest and success of this approach.

A graduate program may submit the following information in a brief proposal to the Graduate School to request participation in an Accelerated Master's Platform (AMP).

  • Title of the AMP
  • Participating undergraduate degree program(s)
  • Participating graduate degree program
  • Which faculty will be responsible for advising and mentoring the AMP students?
  • The undergraduate advisor contact name
  • In what way will the undergraduate curriculum be modified to allow the students to complete their undergraduate degree and make progress toward their graduate degree?
  • Student application deadline for the AMP (if applicable)
  • Any additional admission requirements (in addition to what the Graduate School requires)

Both unit and College leadership from undergraduate and graduate programs must sign the proposal.

Send the application to the Graduate School - Attn: Associate Dean Steph Bernell.