The Environmental Sciences Graduate Program provides curricula leading to M.A. M.S., Professional Science Master's (PSM) and Ph.D. degrees in environmental science. The curricula integrates thinking across disciplines, especially life, physical, and social sciences. Environmental science explores natural processes on earth and their alteration by human activity.

Oregon State University has exceptional strength in many of the disciplines, including science, agriculture, forestry, engineering, public health, liberal arts, social science, and oceanography and atmospheric science. Strength in these disciplines allows the ES graduate program to provide high-quality interdisciplinary education for environmental scientists and continuing postgraduate educational opportunities to scientists who are already active in the field.

The Environmental Sciences Graduate Program develops scientists who will be able to analyze and understand environmental systems, predict environmental change, and participate in the management of the environment. Each student completing a major in the program will perform research and complete a thesis, dissertation, or research project. Each student will also develop depth in a carefully designed, interdisciplinary area of concentration or track. Tracks that are currently available include ecology, biogeochemistry, social science, quantitative analysis, water resources, and environmental education. Methods and numerical skill courses, electives, and thesis make up the remainder of a student’s program.

Students in the program may choose advisors from faculty members already appointed at OSU, as well as other scientists who apply and are accepted in the environmental sciences graduate faculty. The Environmental Sciences Graduate Program fosters interdisciplinary education, and seeks connections between institutions.

Admissions Requirements

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  • Any Term
Required Tests
  • None

English Language Requirements ?

English language requirements for international applicants to this program are the same as the standard Graduate School requirements.

Additional Requirements

Application requirements, including required documents, letters, and forms, vary by program and may not be completely represented here. The processing of your application will not be completed until these requirements have been met. Please, before applying to this program, always contact the program office to confirm application requirements.

Application Process

Please review the graduate school application process and Apply Online.

International students interested in the Professional Science Master’s (PSM) offered at the Corvallis campus should apply through Master’s International Direct.

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Concentrations ?

This program has concentrations or tracks not represented here. Please visit the  Environmental Sciences Website program website to learn more.

MAIS Participation

This program is not offered as a MAIS field of study.

AMP Participation ?

This program participates in the Accelerated Masters Platform (AMP)

AMP Contact
Carolyn Fonyo
Interim Director, Environmental Sciences Graduate Program