The Master of Science in Agricultural Education offers coursework that serves educators, leaders, and communicators in the broad agricultural industry. Agricultural education combines skills in leadership development, experiential learning, and teaching instruction, in order to educate others about the importance of agriculture, food, and natural resources. Agricultural educators teach (both formally and informally) these subjects using a variety of content areas such as science, communication, leadership, math, and technology.

The M.S. degree may be pursued with an emphasis in formal (school based agricultural education – teacher licensure) or non-formal education, leadership, communications, and/or extension, outreach, and engagement. The majority of students in this program seek the non-thesis track, and pursue the Teacher Licensure Program, however, there are occasional students who pursue the thesis track. Students work with program advisors to make program of study decisions prior to beginning the program. Agricultural Education can also be included as one component of a MAIS program.

Admissions Requirements

Admit Term
  • Fall Term

Admission into the graduate program in terms other than fall is unusual. Contact the department primary contact before submitting an application.

Required Tests
  • None

For teacher licensure candidates - please check the State’s most up-to-date testing required for admission.

English Language Requirements ?

English language requirements for international applicants to this program are the same as the standard Graduate School requirements.

Additional Requirements
  • For non-thesis students/teacher license candidates, please check the department website for additional information and course prerequisites.

    For thesis students, applicants must be accepted by a faculty advisor before submitting a graduate application. Email the department contact directly for more information before submitting your application to the Graduate School. Tips on how to contact a potential advisor can be found here.

    Admit term and required tests are dependent on thesis or non-thesis option; the teacher license program admits once per year (fall) and some prerequisite testing and courses are required. Contact the department for more information.

    The GRE is not required for admission.

  • Funding information

    If applying for the thesis program, admitted students must have pre-arranged adequate funding by a proposed faculty advisor prior to admission. We suggest that thesis students apply to the Graduate School only after they have been strongly encouraged by a faculty member to complete the formal application for admission to OSU. Please email the Department Contact directly for more information about available assistantships.

Application requirements, including required documents, letters, and forms, vary by program and may not be completely represented here. The processing of your application will not be completed until these requirements have been met. Please, before applying to this program, always contact the program office to confirm application requirements.

Application Process

Please review the graduate school application process and Apply Online.

If you are interested in applying to Agricultural Education, please contact the program coordinator listed above before starting your application to obtain an application start code.

Dates & Deadlines ?

Admissions Deadline for all applicants

Agricultural Education teacher program applications are due by the third Friday in February each year.

Concentrations ?

This program has concentrations or tracks not represented here. Please visit the  Agricultural Education Website program website to learn more.

MAIS Participation

This program may serve as a secondary or third only field of study in a MAIS degree.

AMP Participation ?

This program does not participate in the Accelerated Master's Platform (AMP)