Master's Students

The requirements and deadlines for completing your master's degree.


This page outlines the policies and procedures that all master’s students need to know in order to successfully complete your degree.

Please refer to the OSU Catalog for full policy information regarding graduate degrees.

The main current students page lists resources and services to assist you while at Oregon State.


Use the flow chart to understand the major milestones for your degree.

Master's Degree Flowchart
Masters Degree Flowchart

The degree completion steps and deadlines section on this page provides details and a timeline for completing your degree.

Number of credits

All master’s degree programs require a minimum of 45 graduate credits including thesis (6 to 12 credits), research-in-lieu-of-thesis (3 to 6 credits), or an integrative capstone experience (3 to 6 credits).

All graduate student programs of study submitted to the Graduate School must consist of, at a minimum, 50 percent graduate stand-alone courses. The remaining credits may be the 500 component of 400/500 slash courses.

No more than 9 credits of blanket-numbered courses, other than thesis (or research-in-lieu-of-thesis for nonthesis programs), may be applied toward the minimum 45-credit master's degree. Blanket courses have numbers with a zero in the middle of them, for example "503." Please refer to the OSU Catalog to learn more about blanket course types and the limits of their use on a program of study.

Time limit

All work toward a master’s degree, including transferred credits, coursework, thesis (if required), and all examinations, must be completed within seven years. Time in which the student is on a leave of absence is included in the seven year limit.

Continuous enrollment

Minimum registration

You must be registered for a minimum of three graduate credits, or on an approved leave of absence, until all degree requirements are completed. To avoid registering for the term following your defense, submit the final corrected and signed thesis or dissertation to the Graduate School before the first day of the term following the term in which you defend. For details on this policy see "Continuous Enrollment: 1. Minimum Registration" in the OSU Catalog.

If you are not using university facilities or faculty time during the summer then you may not have to enroll for the summer session. Please refer to the Continuous Enrollment Policy in the OSU Catalog, and work with your program, to determine if this applies to you. During summer session, a minimum registration of 3 credits is required for graduate assistants.

Leave of absence

A completed (with signatures) Leave of Absence Form must be received by the Graduate School at least 15 working days prior to the first day of the term involved. Unless on an approved leave of absence, all graduate students in degree and certificate programs must register continuously for a minimum of 3 graduate credits, excluding summer session, until their degree or certificate is granted or until their status as a credential-seeking graduate student is terminated. If a student is granted a leave of absence during a term, however, they must also withdraw from the term. See the OSU Catalog for more information on Registration Requirements.

Approved leave of absence includes, but is not limited to, Family and Medical Leave, as defined by the Graduate School's Family and Medical Leave Policy for Graduate Students.

Please review the Leave of Absence and Family Medical Leave eligibility comparison tool for questions about the differences between the standard leave of absence and FML.

GPA requirements

A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 is required for all courses taken at OSU as a graduate student and for courses included in the graduate program. Grades on transfer courses will be included in the calculation of the program GPA, but will not affect the GPA of courses taken at OSU. You must meet the minimum GPA requirement before scheduling the final oral exam.

Grievance procedures

Please visit the grievance procedures page for information.

Concurrent degrees and dual majors

Learn about earning concurrent master's degrees or pursuing a dual major.

Graduate assistantships

An assistantship provides a monthly salary, tuition remission, and an institutional contribution toward mandatory fees and the graduate assistant-only health insurance premium in exchange for service as employment. Learn more about assistantships.

Establishing your committee and Graduate Council Representative

The composition of your committee depends on the type of master's degree you are pursuing. Generally, there are two or three faculty members plus a Graduate Council Representative (GCR). Visit the committee page to learn the committee requirements for your degree and how to select a GCR.

Scheduling meetings and final exam

What is the final exam?

All graduate students require a final oral exam or an approved alternative summative assessment. Prior to the final oral examination, students must:

  1. Have a minimum GPA of 3.00 on both your program of study and cumulative graduate transcript.
  2. Have completed all coursework on the program of study with a minimum grade of "C".
  3. Contact members of the committee to arrange the date, time and place, then schedule the exam with the Graduate School not less than two weeks before the examination using the Exam Scheduling Form.
  4. Submit one examination copy of the pretext pages of the thesis to the Graduate School at the time you schedule your exam. Pretext pages are found on the Thesis Guide.

The exam should be scheduled for two hours. The first part is the thesis defense portion and is open to all interested parties. After the thesis defense portion of the exam, the examination committee may exclude all other persons and continue with the examination of your knowledge of your field.

Remote access at committee meetings

It is generally expected that all members of graduate committees should be physically present at all required graduate committee meetings (i.e., program meetings, preliminary examinations, and final examinations). However, it is permissible for the student, and/or committee members to participate from a remote location provided the conditions listed below are met:

  • Advance agreement of the student and all committee members has been obtained.
  • All participants join in with two-way audio and video connections; audio-only connections must be approved by the major professor if the video connection is not possible. When the student is the remote participant, his or her connection must be an audio and video connection.
  • Any visual aids or other materials have been distributed in advance to the remote participants.
  • The committee members participate in the complete meeting, discussion, presentation, and evaluation.
  • The student is responsible for making arrangements.

Program of study meeting (for MAIS students only)

The Graduate School requires MAIS students to hold a program of study meeting with their committee. A program of study meeting form must also be signed and submitted to the Graduate School by the GCR who will attend this meeting. These meetings are not scheduled in advance with the Graduate School. Prior to a program meeting, students need to:

  1. Be registered in the term of the program meeting
  2. Select a GCR from a list provided by the Graduate School
  3. Schedule the meeting with all committee members.
  4. Make the MAIS Program Meeting Checklist available to meeting participants. The Graduate Council Representative will complete and sign this form and return it to the Graduate School.

Thesis proposal meeting (program dependent)

A formal thesis proposal meeting is recommended but not required by the Graduate School. The meeting is required for some majors. This meeting should be held with the student's committee prior to the start of any substantial thesis research.

Tips for meetings

Check out our tips for scheduling a final exam committee meeting.

Degree completion steps and deadlines

  Watch the degree completion video

1. Develop and submit a Program of Study with your program. This is your plan for completing your degree. Speak with your advisor, department chair, or departmental graduate coordinator for guidance on completing this requirement.

Program of Study Details


Before completing 18 credits of coursework.

2. Select a Graduate Council Representative (if required) to serve on your committee for the Final Oral Examination.

Graduate Committee Details


At least 15 weeks before your final oral examination.

3. Apply to graduate. If you are graduating spring term, you must apply to graduate regardless of whether or not you will attend commencement.

Apply to Graduate


At the start of the term you plan to graduate, or sooner if you are participating in commencement. Visit the commencement web page for details.

4. Schedule your final oral examination. Exam forms must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the exam date. This allows time for the Graduate School to conduct a degree audit, and for you to resolve any unexpected issues prior to your exam.

Exam Scheduling Form


At least 2 weeks before your final oral examination.


At least 2 weeks before your final oral examination.

6. Distribute a defendable copy of your thesis to your committee.

Only applies to students completing a thesis.

Thesis Guide


At least 2 weeks before your final oral examination.

7. Email the pretext pages of your thesis to the graduate school. Visit the Thesis Guide to find the pre-text pages template and the thesis formatting guide.

Only applies to students completing a thesis.


At least 2 weeks before your final oral examination.

8. Successfully complete your final exam.


Pick the date with your committee.

9. Complete your edits and upload your thesis to ScholarsArchive. Uploads are required within six weeks of your final exam. If you don't upload by the start of the next term then registering for a minimum of three graduate credits is required. See below for exact dates.

Only applies to students completing a thesis.



  • To graduate the same term as your final exam: upload by the last day of the term.
  • To graduate the following term without having to register, upload before the first day of the following term.

10. Submit the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation approval form to the Graduate School after the final thesis or dissertation is approved by your major professor and uploaded to ScholarsArchive.

Submit ETD Form


As soon as the thesis is submitted to ScholarsArchive.

Optional. Review the steps and deadlines to be in the commencement ceremony at the end of spring term. Students who complete in the summer term after commencement can also take part in the spring ceremony.

Commencement details and deadlines


Various deadlines


Clear all remaining degree requirements

You must remove or make arrangements to remove all program deficiencies (e.g., courses with Incomplete grades, missing transcripts for recent transfer courses) before taking the final oral or written examination. All program deficiencies must be removed before your degree is certified. All incomplete grades on your Program of Study (with the exception of research/project credit in lieu of thesis) must be removed prior to your final exam. Courses to remove deficiencies cannot be taken on an S/U basis.

Final deadlines

 If you want your diploma for the current term complete the following degree requirements by 5 p.m. on the dates listed first under each term below.

 If you need more time, but do not want to register for the next term, please complete the following degree requirements by 5 p.m. on the dates listed second under each term below. This will result in getting your diploma in the following term.

Degree requirements to complete by dates below:


Summer Term 2023
  • Degree Deadline for Summer Term

    September 8, 2023*   

  • Degree Deadline Without Registering for Fall Term

    September 26, 2023   

Fall Term 2023
  • Degree Deadline for Fall Term

    December 15, 2023   

  • Degree Deadline Without Registering for Winter Term

    January 7, 2024   

Winter Term 2024
  • Degree Deadline for Winter Term

    March 22, 2024   

  • Degree Deadline Without Registering for Spring Term

    March 31, 2024   

Spring Term 2024
  • Degree Deadline for Spring Term

    June 14, 2024*   

  • Degree Deadline Without Registering for Summer Term

    June 23, 2024   

Summer Term 2024
  • Degree Deadline for Summer Term

    September 6, 2024*   

  • Degree Deadline Without Registering for Fall Term

    September 24, 2024   

* If you plan to participate in commencement while finishing spring or summer term, please follow the commencement deadlines.