The field of robotics has grown significantly in the last decade and continues to do so at an accelerating rate. Robots were, until very recently, in the hands of a few specialists, but are increasingly moving into the mainstream. Household robots, prosthetic limbs, robotic cars, assistive care robots, and search and rescue robots are all becoming a part of our lives. Robots for exploration, monitoring, maintenance, advanced manufacturing, agriculture and health care are shaping our economy and society.

Oregon State University Robotics is at the forefront of this exciting transformation.

The inter-disciplinary robotics program offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Robotics. Master's degree candidates may pursue thesis or nonthesis (project) options. The Ph.D. program prepares students for careers in industry, research laboratories or universities. Students develop their program of study in close cooperation with the faculty members in their areas of interest.

The program covers core areas of robotics, including actuation, manipulation, dynamics, control, artificial intelligence, social and ethical issues, and human-robot interaction. Application areas include marine robotics, agricultural, soft robotics, health care, social interaction, and advanced manufacturing. Additional information concerning courses, advising procedures, faculty, and many other aspects of the program may be found in the Robotics program website.

To be eligible for graduate studies, a baccalaureate or master’s degree in science, mathematics, computer science, or engineering is required.

Admissions Requirements

Admit Term
  • Fall Term
Required Tests
  • None

GRE scores are not required to apply for admission.

English Language Requirements ?

English language requirements for international applicants to this program are the same as the standard Graduate School requirements.

Additional Requirements

Application requirements, including required documents, letters, and forms, vary by program and may not be completely represented here. The processing of your application will not be completed until these requirements have been met. Please, before applying to this program, always contact the program office to confirm application requirements.

Application Process

More information on the robotics program can be found on the robotics website. Additional information is available on how to write a successful application and Frequently Asked Questions about applications and funding. Please also review the graduate school application process and apply online.

Dates & Deadlines ?

Admissions Deadline - Priority consideration deadline
December 31
Admissions Deadline - Applications close
April 30

MAIS Participation

This program may serve as a primary, secondary, or third field of study in a MAIS degree.

AMP Participation ?

This program participates in the Accelerated Masters Platform (AMP)

AMP Contact
Lynn Paul
School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering