The Office of Postdoctoral Programs (OPP) operates within the Graduate School, and the Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School ultimately has responsibility for the functions of the office. 

The mission of the OPP is to enrich the postdoctoral experience at OSU. Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows are the primary focus for the OPP, but the programs, newsletters and other services are also available to the broader community of Ph.D.s at Oregon State who have non-professorial positions, including those with research associate (postdoc) appointments.

The primary activities of the OPP are:

  • To develop and support professional development opportunities for postdocs
  • Advocate on behalf of postdocs
  • Individual consultations with Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows and Postdoctoral Research Associates
  • Assistance to faculty and administrators in recruiting and supervising of postdocs