Continuous Enrollment and Leaves of Absence

All graduate students in a graduate degree program must register for a minimum of three graduate credits and pay fees, regardless of student location, every fall, winter and spring term, or be on an approved leave of absence, until all degree requirements are completed. You are not permitted to take a period of time off from being enrolled without being approved for a leave of absence. A graduate student intending to interrupt their studies for one or more terms and then resume studies following this interruption must apply for leave of absence to maintain graduate student standing in their degree program. If you do not enroll for credits and do not have an approved leave of absence, this is considered an unauthorized break in registration  and you will relinquish your graduate standing at the University (the university will drop you as an active student). If you wish to have your graduate standing reinstated, you will be required to complete the online graduate admission application, pay the application fee, and register for three graduate credits for each term of unauthorized break in registration. A Leave of Absence form must be received by the Graduate School at least 15 working days prior to the first day of the term involved. Students on a leave of absence may not use any university facilities, make requests of faculty time, receive a fellowship or financial aid, or take OSU courses.


Grade Requirements

The Graduate School requires that you maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 on all courses (including graded undergraduate courses) taken at OSU while enrolled in your graduate program, regardless of whether or not the courses are part of your formal program of study that you file with the Graduate School. You must have a minimum grade point average of 3.00 for all courses listed on your graduate program, including transfer courses. Courses can be repeated one time to achieve a better grade. The second, more recent grade will replace the first and be the grade of record.

An “I” (incomplete) grade is granted only at the discretion of the instructor. The incomplete that is filed by the instructor at the end of the term must include an alternate/default grade to which the incomplete grade defaults, if you do not make an effort to resolve the incomplete course work within one year of recording the incomplete. To remove the “I” grade, you must complete the deficiency within the allotted time and the instructor will then submit the appropriate grade. It is the student’s responsibility to see that “I” grades are removed within the allotted time.