Graduate Student Advisory Council members 2018

The Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) provides a graduate student perspective on topics related to the graduate student experience. The GSAC serves as a focus group for the Graduate School, student affairs and other administrative units at Oregon State University.

As graduate student leaders, members represent their affiliated colleges, programs, and student organizations. They are frequently called upon to participate in a variety of university initiatives where graduate student voices are needed.

If your unit on campus can benefit from input from GSAC members, please reach out to Karen Hanson to schedule a meeting.



College of Agricultural Sciences

  • Matt Ramirez, Fisheries Science
  • Jordan (Jordy) Kersey, Soil Science
  • Jennifer Fedenko, Soil Science
  • Keisha Harrison, Food Science and Technology
  • A. Katarina Lunde, Botany and Plant Pathology
  • Brittany King, Fisheries Science
  • Andres Olivos Huneeus, Fisheries Science
  • Elizabeth Lee, Fisheries Science

College of Business

  • Ruoran Gao, Business Administration

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

  • Melissa McCracken, Geography
  • Steven Johnson, Geography
  • Courtney van Stolk, Geography
  • Ben Roberts-Pierel, Geography

College of Education

  • Candice Clark, Science Education

College of Engineering

  • Ashley Berninghaus, Environmental Engineering
  • Veronica (Ron) Capehart, Environmental Engineering
  • Spencer Harper, Civil Engineering
  • Manoj Kumar Sharana Basava, Civil Engineering
  • Gustavo Lotti, Civil Engineering
  • Shubham Nitin Surana, Civil Engineering

College of Forestry

  • Josée Rousseau, Forest Ecosystems and Society
  • Rachel (Ray) Van Court, Wood Science
  • Claudio Guevara Diaz, Sustainable Forest Management
  • Karin Kralicek, Sustainable Forest Management
  • Byron Krempl, Sustainable Forest Management

Graduate School

  • Nureen Anisha, Environmental Sciences
  • Todd Harwell, Environmental Sciences

College of Liberal Arts

  • Matthew Tradewell, College Student Services Administration
  • Mohamed Elkaramany, Public Policy
  • Stuty Maskey, Public Policy
  • Megan Hannum, Creative Writing
  • Rafael Robles, Psychology

College of Public Health and Human Sciences

  • Lan Doan, Public Health

College of Science

  • Katherine Dziedzic, Integrative Biology
  • Antonio Gomez, Integrative Biology
  • Michelle Pombrol, Microbiology
  • Maggie Greenwood, Physics
  • Mackenzie Lenz, Physics
  • Choah Shin, Mathematics
  • Spencer (Adaline) De Chenne, Mathematics