• Heather Kitada

    Fifth-year Ph.D. student Heather H. Kitada enjoys working in both statistics and the wider world of science communication, outreach and advocacy.

  • Alberto Bonfiglio

    Alberto Bonfiglio—PhD student in Robotics at Oregon State University—is a renaissance man. A quick look at his hobbies reveals his varied and diverse interests: fencing, motorcycle riding, flying, horseback riding, playing bass and guitar, scuba diving, competing in Spartan races, or simply pushing his sons Connor Tiberius Kamea and Anakin Jean-Luc Kekoa along hiking trails with his wife Danielle and their two dogs.

  • Leanne Giordono

    Leanne Giordono has dedicated her life and career to serving others. Whether volunteering in AmeriCorps or PeaceCorps, starting her own business, raising three children, getting a Master's in Public Affairs from Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School, or pursuing a Ph.D. in public policy at Oregon State University as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, Leanne brings her unique vision to everything she does.