"How am I going to pay for this?"

It's a major concern for most people pursuing a graduate education. OSU and the Graduate School value the contributions our graduate students make to the university as active participants in the creation and discovery of knowledge, and we have a strong commitment to supporting your graduate education through a variety of funding opportunities. But often the money won't just come to you. Luckily, the very skills and abilities that fuel your graduate pursuits will aid your search for funding: creativity, intellectual passion, thorough research, and good communication skills. The first step in the funding process is to educate yourself about the different types of funding available, application procedures, and deadlines. As you explore these pages, keep in mind that your academic department is your primary resource for many of the programs described here and many more opportunities that are unique to your field.

Students may find these presentation slides helpful:

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Teaching and Research Assistantships

This is the most common form of student support. Graduate assistantships are employment-based appointments where students, in exchange for their service, receive a stipend, tuition remission, and an institutional contribution toward the health insurance program available only to graduate assistants. Teaching and research assistantships are offered on a competitive basis and are generally administered by the academic departments. 

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Graduate Assistantships,
International GTA English Language Requirements,

Fellowships and Scholarships

Fellowships and scholarships for graduate study are awarded on the basis of academic merit and/or financial need. Fellowships usually provide a stipend and, in some cases, tuition support and a research allowance. Scholarships usually cover direct educational expenses, such as tuition and fees. Some fellowships and scholarships are awarded institutionally, either by the Graduate School or by an academic college, department committee, or graduate program, while others are awarded by external agencies such as the National Science Foundation.

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Fellowships and Scholarships

The links on the Fellowships and Scholarships page provide an extensive catalog of fellowship programs at OSU, hundreds of links to external fellowship opportunities, scholarship search engines, and some helpful hints to aid your search.

Tuition Remission

The Graduate School also offers some tuition remission scholarship programs. These awards are provided on a competitive basis to students who are not funded under a graduate assistantship. Students may not apply directly for this support, but must be nominated by their academic program. These scholarships provide full or partial tuition remission to recipients according to the guidelines for each tuition remission program. 

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Graduate School Tuition Remission Policy

Student Employment

Career Services at OSU can help you locate part-time, student hourly wage employment on and off campus. Visit the Career Services Beaver Recruiting Website to begin your job search.

Mandatory Health Insurance

OSU offers mandatory health insurance coverage for select graduate fellows  that meet specific eligibility criteria. Health insurance will be offered under the graduate assistant health plan with premiums subsidized at the same rate (currently 85%) as is the case for graduate assistants.

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Funding Policies

What will my education cost?

Tuition & Fee Schedules are set by the Oregon University System and are based on residency status. Find out more at the OSU Tuition and Fees Website.

File a FAFSA, and be prepared.

Some scholarships and fellowships use The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)  to evaluate financial need, so it's a good idea to file an application, either on-line or by mail, even if you don't plan to take out any student loans. Get more info at the OSU Financial Aid Website.

Tax Benefits for Graduate Education

OSU is not able to provide students with specific tax advice, but there are IRS publications that you may find helpful, such as Publication 970, "Tax Benefits for Education." For more details, we recommend you consult with a tax professional.

OSU withholds taxes from wages received under graduate assistantships or under student hourly-wage appointments. Taxes are not withheld from fellowships or scholarships . The OSU Business Office issues IRS Form 1098T at the end of each year which reflects transactions associated with your student business account, including tuition and fee charges and institutional scholarship and fellowship awards.

Reference Resources

For the enterprising student determined to explore every avenue available in financial aid, the funding process is like a personal research project. There's always more to learn. The OSU Valley Library has a large collection of resources to help you identify possible funding opportunities and fine tune your application materials. The Graduate School also maintains a list of External Fellowships that you might apply for.