Watch our video Completing your Degree as a Graduate Student to get an overview of degree completion steps and deadlines.

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Program deficiencies

You must remove or make arrangements to remove all program deficiencies (e.g., courses with Incomplete grades, missing transcripts for recent transfer courses) before taking the final oral or written examination. All program deficiencies must be removed before your degree is certified. All Incomplete grades on your Program of Study (with the exception of research/project credit in lieu of thesis) must be removed prior to your final exam. Courses to remove deficiencies cannot be taken on an S/U basis.

Program changes

Any changes to your Program of Study must be submitted to the Graduate School using the Petition for Change of Program Form before taking your final exam.

Foreign language requirements

For M.A. students, language requirements must be satisfied, or the student must have a plan to complete the requirement, by the end of the term their final exam is scheduled.

Supportive requirements

If a doctoral student's committee specifies supportive requirements in the student's program of study, these requirements must be satisfied before the final oral examination is scheduled.

GPA requirements

A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 is required for all courses taken at OSU as a graduate student and for courses included in the graduate program. Grades on transfer courses will be included in the calculation of the program GPA, but will not affect the GPA of courses taken at OSU. You must meet the minimum GPA requirement before scheduling the final oral exam.

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