Geography is the study of human use and interaction with the Earth and the analysis of spatial and temporal processes in natural and human systems. Geospatial science applies spatial thinking and computational methods to address geographic problems. Geographers combine field, laboratory, and computational work to analyze, interpret and resolve geographic problems in three main topic areas:

  • Geospatial Analysis and Modeling. Theory and applications of geospatial technologies such as remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), and data visualization, and their ethical implications.
  • Earth System Science. How biogeographic, physical, ecological, chemical, and human spheres interact within the Earth System and how these connected components are dynamically changing in time and space.
  • Global Change Risk and Resilience. How environmental processes such as climate change influence human risk and vulnerability, and how social processes such as resource consumption or geopolitical conflict affect justice, equity, and the environment.

Admissions Requirements

Admit Term
  • Any Term

Fall term for Corvallis-based M.S. and Ph.D., any term for online M.S. (starting with fall 2023)

Required Tests
  • None

English Language Requirements ?

English language requirements for international applicants to this program are the same as the standard Graduate School requirements.

Additional Requirements

Application requirements, including required documents, letters, and forms, vary by program and may not be completely represented here. The processing of your application will not be completed until these requirements have been met. Please, before applying to this program, always contact the program office to confirm application requirements.

Application Process

To apply for the on-campus PhD and MS, please review the How to Apply page at the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences website.

To apply for the online MS, please review the How to Apply for the online MS page at the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences website.

Dates & Deadlines ?

Admissions Deadline for on-site in Corvallis students
December 15
Admissions Deadline for online students
April 01

for fall term

Admissions Deadline for online students
October 01

for winter term

Admissions Deadline for online students
January 05

for spring term

Concentrations ?

This program has concentrations or tracks not represented here. Please visit the  Geography and Geospatial Science Website program website to learn more.

MAIS Participation

This program may serve as a secondary or third only field of study in a MAIS degree.

AMP Participation ?

This program does not participate in the Accelerated Master's Platform (AMP)