Marine and coastal scientific and management issues are technically and socially complex, involving many forms of science, interests, perspectives, and stakeholders. There is much uncertainty in modeling forecast and policy outcome associated with climate change and global markets. This interdisciplinary minor will provide graduate students with knowledge and skills to quantify and communicate risk and uncertainty derived from the analyses of large data in earth system science.

The minor focuses on marine science and resource management, yet will be relevant to students from a variety of fields. Students will extend their ability to perceive and solve problems in a transdisciplinary context related to statistical inference, uncertainty quantification, risk analyses, earth system science, and social systems.

Students will also acquire professional skills in communication and collaboration. The world is changing. Join us in becoming more resilient. The minor is open to all OSU graduate students.

Admissions Process

Please contact the program office.

MAIS Participation

This program is not offered as a MAIS field of study.