The College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University offers a research-oriented graduate study program in pharmaceutical sciences that is individually designed to meet each student’s career interests and goals.

Our nationally renowned faculty members have strengths in all areas of pharmaceutical science, and many have been recognized for teaching excellence, outstanding research and their professional activities. Research focus areas include the exploration and design of anti-infective agents, the design and development of innovative drug dosage forms, and the mechanisms and consequences of drug interactions with living organisms.

Admissions Requirements

Admit Term
  • Fall Term
Required Tests
  • None

English Language Requirements ?

English language requirements for international applicants to this program are the same as the standard Graduate School requirements.

Additional Requirements

Application requirements, including required documents, letters, and forms, vary by program and may not be completely represented here. The processing of your application will not be completed until these requirements have been met. Please, before applying to this program, always contact the program office to confirm application requirements.

Application Process

Prospective students may apply to the Pharmaceutical Sciences Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in the College of Pharmacy encompassing the disciplines of drug discovery, gene regulation and disease, and targeted drug delivery. The College of Pharmacy accepts applications from students interested in a stand-alone M.S. degree or an M.S. degree en route to a Ph.D. degree.

Please review the program's how to apply and frequently asked questions pages for additional information about the application process.

Dates & Deadlines ?

Admissions Deadline for Doctoral applicants
January 05
Admissions Deadline for Masters applicants
February 01

Concentrations ?

This program has concentrations or tracks not represented here. Please visit the  Pharmaceutical Sciences Website program website to learn more.

MAIS Participation

This program is not offered as a MAIS field of study.

AMP Participation ?

This program does not participate in the Accelerated Master's Platform (AMP)