The Peace Corps is closing the PCMI program. Current PCMI students (including those who begin by September 30, 2016) may apply and — if selected — serve as MI Peace Corps Volunteers. In a few years, when the last MI cohort who are selected by Peace Corps complete their service and return, the program will come to a close.

How Do I Apply to the Peace Corps Masters Program?

  • Explore the OSU Grad School Website about applying for graduate school.  An MI volunteer's application process is identical to the process for any other graduate student-- your program, however, will be quite unique;
  • Explore the department or college website describing your graduate program of interest for more information about which professors might be a good fit for you (to serve as your "major", or mentor, professor).  In other words, by far the best way to identify a program that matches your goals is to use the literature (including the web) to identify faculty researchers/teachers working in areas of interest to you. Contact them directly (by phone, mail, or email) to find out what prospects may exist for study under their supervision.
  • Contact the Master's International (MI) Coordinator pertaining to the degree program you are aspiring to ba a part of.  Inform the coordinator that you're interested and let the coordinator know if you have any questions;
  • After your interests are narrowed down, and you've spoken with the PCMI Coordinator and a professor-of-interest or two, it is highly recommended that you apply to the OSU Graduate School, expressing an interest in the application for your preferred college, degree type, and emphasis, and specifically mention the MI program.
  • After being accepted to an MI program, your MI Coordinator can help you begin the application process for Peace Corps-- specifically to apply to the Peace Corps as a Master's International volunteer.