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Focus on Forestry

The College of Forestry (COF) at OSU is one of the world’s premier educational, research, and outreach institutions that focuses on broad areas related to forests and natural resources.  The College has been educating professionals for over a century, with programs recently ranked the best in North America.  The College prepares graduates to understand the complexity of forests and the economic and social systems that depend upon them; to work with nature to keep the land healthy for future generations; to know the science, technology, and business associated with understanding, managing, and using forests and related resources; and, to work effectively with others in a culturally diverse, global society.

Focus on Applied Economics in Forestry and Natural Resources

Students who are in the field for the Peace Corps are in a unique position to understand how communities make decisions about resource use, how they deal with risk, how they interact with broader management regulations (like parks), and other issues that are fundamental to creating policies that work to improve natural resource management and reduce poverty.

Focus on Engineering

The College of Engineering (CoE) is currently launching a Humanitarian Engineering (HE@OSU) Program, including the option to minor in HE at the undergraduate and graduate level. The HE@OSU program is aimed at co-creating engineering-based solutions for the provision of basic human needs and improved quality of life in the local and global community. A PCMI partnership dovetails with the emerging HE program; this partnership will broaden OSU’s scope of interdisciplinary HE-related projects.

Focus on Water Resources

 The Water Resources Graduate Program at OSU is a supportive educational environment for students seeking an interdisciplinary education that provides rigorous training in an area of expertise with the breadth of an interdisciplinary focus and curriculum. Like many other programs on campus, we seek a diverse, multicultural student body and work to provide a multicultural, diverse and international learning environment. We are working with partners at UNESCO IHE in Delft to develop joint track in the Water Resources Policy and Management degree program in Water Security and Peace. We see a partnership with the Peace Corps as an ideal possibility to enhance our international and diversity focus even more.

Focus on Agriculture

The College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS) at OSU is one of the world’s premier educational, research, and outreach institutions that focuses on broad areas related to agriculture.Crop and Soil Science and Horticulture both have a long history of international involvement.  Plant breeding and genetics, weed science, agronomy and soil science faculty have long been involved with international crop improvement centers around the world and have had student exchanges with colleagues in other countries.  A Peace Corps-OSU CSS partnership will provide additional opportunities for the more globally-minded students who seek degrees in our programs and are looking for structured opportunities in which to gain international experience and training and to share their knowledge and expertise.

Focus on Public Health

The Master of Public Health Program at OSU is committed to training a new generation of public health professionals who envision careers requiring a wide array of professional skills and competencies that enable them to work in health organizations/agencies in diverse settings. We work to recruit students from diverse backgrounds and offer them an inclusive and interdisciplinary learning environment that bridges the gap between classroom learning and its real-life implications. As part of their MPH training, students complete a preceptor-guided internship/organizational experience by working in public health agencies, community organizations, NGOs/CBOs, or related organizations in the U.S. and abroad. For this purpose, we have partnered with several organizations. We see a partnership with the Peace Corps as an ideal possibility to strengthen our curricula and to enhance the global dimension of our program.

Within each academic home there are multiple degrees, and each degree will have options/foci available, depending on your specific interests and the interests of your major professor.