So you're a new graduate student? Welcome! We're so happy you chose to join our community of scholars here at OSU. As you get acquainted with your new surroundings, there are people and places to connect with to get yourself started on the path to success. From Grad Welcome Week, our week of graduate orientation activities, to securing funding and a place to live, to getting your orange and black gear at the Beaver Store, we hope you feel at home here. Can't find what you're looking for? Ask us. We're here to help!

Courses offered by the Graduate School

GRAD 420 - Graduate School Preparation

Applying for graduate or professional school can be a daunting task. How and where to apply, how to choose an advisor, what to look for in a school, and how to obtain funding are hurdles to overcome during the application process. Supplemental materials will be provided as part of the course materials.

Course location: 
Number of credits: 
1 credit

GRAD 520 - Responsible Conduct of Research

Covers 10 topics in responsible conduct of research: ethical decision making; human subjects; animal welfare; data acquisition; sharing and ownership; research misconduct; conflicts of interest; authorship; peer review; mentor/trainee responsibilities; and collaborative science. Useful to all students who conduct scholarly activity.

Course location: 
Corvallis CampusEcampus
Number of credits: 
2 credits

GRAD/WR 599 - Graduate Writing for English Language Learners

For students with TOEFL scores above the OSU minimums but who lack confidence in English composition for advanced academic purposes, this course focuses on graduate-level writing for english-language learners in all disciplines. It covers both grammatical issues that commonly arise within scholarly argumentation and rhetorical strategies for achieving greater clarity and persuasiveness in framing research methods and results. This new course was created in partnership with the School of Writing, Literature, and Film.

Course location: 
Corvallis Campus
Number of credits: 
3 credits


Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching (GCCUT)

The 18-credit Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching (GCCUT) is designed to provide advanced coursework and experiential learning opportunities to students who plan to pursue careers in teaching in higher education settings or who plan to pursue careers in other fields that may require similar facilitation skills. Students completing the Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching will receive a formal, transcript-visible credential.

Corvallis Campus

Academic Success Center

 The Academic Success Center provides tutorials to help students manage time, achieve balance, set goals and more 

Corvallis Campus

ASOSU Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services is one of the services offered by the ASOSU for the OSU students of the Corvallis campus.  Legal Services are provided to OSU students through Access the Law, and paid for through the Corvallis campus student incidental fees. Our office provides legal advice and representation to OSU students when they have a dispute that does not pertain to the university.

Corvallis Campus

Campus resources map

The resource map legend will help you easily find the Eco2Go return, water bottle filling stations, family resources, gender-inclusive restrooms and all buildings on-campus.

Corvallis Campus

Campus Safety

Corvallis is considered one of the safest university communities on the west coast, and OSU has the lowest reported crime rate among PAC-10 campuses. The Department of Public Safety and the Oregon State Police work in partnership to provide a safe campus for students. In addition to a wide range of safety services and crime prevention programs, officers patrol the campus and residential areas on bicycles, on foot, and in cruisers 24 hours a day.

Corvallis Campus

Coalition of Graduate Employees (CGE)

The Coalition of Graduate Employees (CGE) represents the interests and rights of Oregon State University’s graduate employees through the bargaining and maintenance of a fair working contract. CGE strives to create a community of graduate employees empowered to advocate for collective issues.

Corvallis Campus

Commercialization and Corporate Development

We assist faculty, staff, students and the broader community to commercialize research and concepts. Our staff, mentors, and student interns work directly with innovators and entrepreneurs to explore markets, develop products, and obtain customers.

Corvallis Campus

Computer Help

The IS Service Desk provides "quick help" computer support to OSU faculty, staff, and students. Their student consultants are your first point of contact for computer, mobile device and software problems and questions. If they can't resolve an issue, they can direct you to the correct support group. Call or visit them in Milne.

Corvallis Campus

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Counseling and Psychological Services provides counseling, consultation, outreach and education to OSU students, faculty, and staff. CAPS does this in order to facilitate student’s academic success, mental health, and personal development and promote a culture of positive mental health at OSU.

Corvallis Campus

Department of Public Safety

We serve our community by providing 24/7 Dispatch, Public Safety Officers, and Oregon State Police Troopers on campus. We respond to emergency calls for service, including fire, medical, and crime.

Corvallis Campus

Disability Access Services

Disability Access Services facilitates access to University programs and services for students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities through accommodations, education, consultation, and advocacy.

Corvallis Campus

Diversity & Cultural Engagement

Diversity and Cultural Engagement is dedicated to academic and personal success through critical inquiry and transformative learning. ISS and Diversity Development direct the seven cultural centers on campus: Asian Pacific Cultural Center, Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez, Ettihad Cultural Center, Lonnie B. Harris black Cultural Center, Native American Longhouse Eena Haws, Pride Center, and Women’s Center.

Corvallis Campus

Equipment Rental - Cameras, Laptops, and More

Student Multimedia Services provides equipment rental to students, faculty, and staff for free.

Corvallis Campus


As you work toward your degree, nothing is quite as important as feeling like you have a clear direction and a feeling of support. It's important to stay in contact with your major professor to understand program expectations. But also think about finding at least one mentor who can help guide you through some of the "unwritten rules" of gradaute education, and see you to the other side: degree completion and a successful career. Your mentor may also be your major professor, another trusted faculty member, or a peer graduate student or postdoc who's a step ahead of you in your program.

Corvallis Campus

Faculty and Staff Fitness

In a fun, convenient and welcoming environment, Faculty Staff Fitness caters to your busy schedule to ensure fitting in a daily workout is a breeze.

Housed in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, Faculty Staff Fitness (FSF) offers a variety of health and wellness topic programming to faculty, staff, retirees, graduate students and their partners and spouses.

Corvallis Campus

Family Resource Center

OSU's Family Resource Center advocates for and provides services to students with children and all families with dependent care needs across campus to promote the academic, professional and personal success of the whole person. They work to identify and remove barriers for students with children to ensure equal access to campus opportunities and resources.

Corvallis Campus

Financial Aid

Any student who may have a financial need for educational expenses should apply for financial aid. Most students are eligible for some sort of financial assistance whether it is gift aid such as grants and scholarships or self-help aid in the form of student loans and/or college work-study.

Food, Drinks, and Entertainment in Corvallis

Are you hungry or simply need a break from studying? Corvallis offers a wide range of dining options, along with music and theatre venues, brew pubs, festivals, markets and more. And if you care to venture deeper into the Willamette Valley, literally hundreds of wineries are yours for the tasting. The Visit Corvallis website is a good source of information for places in Corvallis.

Corvallis Campus


How am I going to pay for all of this? Learn more about teaching and research assistantships, fellowships and scholarships, tuition remission, student employment, and mandatory health insurance.

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Graduate Student Organizations

OSU has a host of student-led organizations that support academic success, professional development, and community. With a simple search, it's easy to find a student organization that fits your interests and/or aspirations.

Corvallis Campus

Graduate Student Success Center (GSSC)

The Graduate Student Success Center (GSSC), located in Memorial Union 203, is a space for graduate students to utilize for studying, socializing, and meetings. There are two rooms, available for reservation: one room feels like a lounge or living room for relaxed meetings, and a second provides a conference table for more productive or formal meetings. Though these spaces are available for reservation they remain open on a first-come, first-served basis without prior reservation.

The GSSC also offers a working desktop and standing desk space for all graduate students to use, as well as a printer. 

(541) 737-1693
Corvallis Campus

Graduate Women's Network

The Graduate Women’s Network (GWN) is dedicated to establishing community among graduate women throughout the university. They do this by creating opportunities for: Collaboration and support across departments and colleges; leadership development; networking; advocacy; conversation; relaxation and wellness; as well as speakers and discussions.

Corvallis Campus

Graduate Writing Center

The mission of the Oregon State University Graduate Writing Center is to support Oregon State University graduate students at every phase of their program, to facilitate the growth of individual writers, and to foster strong academic and creative writing communities. The Graduate Writing Center fulfills this mission through mentoring and training a corps of undergraduate and graduate student writing assistants who work directly with graduate students and with other Graduate Writing Center constituencies.

Corvallis Campus

Health Insurance

OSU has a strong institutional commitment to academics, student growth, and the development of individual responsibility. To further these goals, the university embraces the concept that catastrophic financial risks while attending the university should be minimized. OSU recommends all students maintain adequate health insurance coverage. At this time international students are required to enroll in the OSU insurance plan. OSU requires that all non-resident international students and their dependents (living in the United States) be covered by health insurance. The health insurance must meet federal, state and OSU requirements. Graduate assistants, graduate fellows, and postdoctoral scholar and fellows have a separate mandatory health insurance plan through their appointment/fellowship. Contact by phone for more information. 

Corvallis Campus

Human Services Resource Center (HSRC)

At the Human Services Resource Center in Avery House, low income, homeless or food-insecure students are be able to:

  • Take a shower
  • Do laundry
  • Nap on comfy couches
  • Borrow textbooks
  • Study in our lounge space or at a computer work station
  • Get groceries from our food pantry
  • Prepare a snack or a meal in our commercial kitchen
  • Participate in a cooking class or other educational program
  • Securely store some personal items
  • Volunteer at the onsite food garden or the food pantry
  • Meet with a Department of Human Services (DHS) representative to apply for SNAP (food stamps) or other social services programs every Wednesday from 1-4 pm
  • Meet with staff to access resources and support around homelessness and food insecurity
  • All other pre-existing HSRC programs (Mealbux, emergency housing, health care subsidies, etc)
  • Advocate for educational access regardless of income level and learn about other topics related to economic inequality
  • Connect with Family Resource Center, also moving to Avery, about childcare on campus and childcare subsidies
Corvallis Campus

ID card and online accounts

On campus, the ID card is used for meal plans, Orange Cash (save 10% on food purchases), copy card, getting into the gym and more. Off campus, many businesses give discounts to students with an ID card. OSU Network Identification (ONID) is a universal computer account available to all OSU students. Your ONID username and password gives you access to university technology services, the wireless network, ResNet, IS computer labs, and the Interlibrary Loan. 

(541) 737-2493
Corvallis Campus

Information Services

Information Services builds and maintains a technology ecosystem at OSU that enables scholarship, learning, and community engagement in an environment where innovation and academic excellence thrive.

Corvallis Campus

International Student Support Program

The International Student Support Program, which is designed to work with and complement our existing campus resources, provides 24/7 confidential remote counseling and acculturation support to international students via the use of technology. Students are able to access self-directed digital content in addition to connecting with clinical advisors who speak their language and understand their culture. 

Please contact INTO Oregon State University for questions or comments.

Corvallis Campus

Library Services for Graduate Students

The Valley Library, situated in the heart of the OSU main campus, offers a variety of individual and collaborative study spaces carefully designed to meet students needs. The library is open 24 hours and day, seven days a week during fall, winter, and spring terms, with reduced hours during summer term. Send questions to Valley Library

Corvallis Campus

Local Banking

Part of settling into a new place is finding a bank. Corvallis has several banking and credit union options to meet your needs.

Corvallis Campus

Meeting Rooms for Students

Need a place for a meeting? The Graduate School can help. The Graduate Student Success Center has various rooms that you can reserve for your next committee meeting, get-together, club meet up, etc. 

Corvallis Campus

Military and Veteran Resources

The Dean of Student Life is committed to helping student veterans successfully navigate the Oregon State University structure while accomplishing their education goals and maximizing their VA educational benefits.

Corvallis Campus

New Student Orientation

Each fall, Welcome Week offers several opportunities for new and current graduate students to learn how to best prepare themselves for a successful graduate school experience and make steady progress toward a degree. This week of orientation events kicks off with the Graduate School Orientation for new students, workshops for new and current students, and networking opportunities for all.

Corvallis Campus

Off-campus Housing

University Housing and Dining Services offers valuable information when considering off-campus housing.

The Barometer's Renter's and Home Improvement Guide is a good source of information as well. 

The Corvallis Living Guide, a comprehensive 35-page electronic document, helps inform students of their tenant rights, responsibilities and resources. Students who pass a 25-question exam will be eligible for deposit discounts from participating Corvallis property managers and landlords.

Corvallis Campus

Office of International Services

The Office of International Services (OIS) serves and supports OSU’s growing and diverse international population as they flourish on campus, in the community, and around the world. OIS is the central campus resource for advising and services for international students, scholars and faculty, consulting on visa and immigration issues, hosting international visitors, hiring international employees, and providing resources to faculty and staff preparing to travel on behalf of OSU. OIS seeks to advance the free exchange of ideas and culture through advocacy, education, service, outreach and engagement. Every year, OIS serves over 4,500 students and scholars from over 90 countries, connecting students, scholars and their families to campus and the community.

Corvallis Campus


The University Ombuds Office promotes a civil and inclusive campus community by providing informal, impartial, and confidential* conflict management services to all members of the university community.

Corvallis Campus

On-campus housing

Graduate student housing at OSU is designed to give you a living environment designed to fit the needs of OSU graduate students while offering flexible contracts and private spaces, within walking distance to academic buildings at OSU.

Halsell Hall is exclusively for second year and above students. Bloss Hall is exclusive to graduate students on the top (7th) floor and only sophomore and above students, or visiting scholars on lower floors. This is not a first-year resident community.

Please note that graduate students can live in all other residence halls, but Bloss offers more perks in terms of contract flexibility, better dining plan costs, and guaranteed accommodations with other graduate students.

Corvallis Campus

OSU Beaver Store

OSU Beaver Store is a nonprofit corporation that has been serving Oregon State University and the town of Corvallis since 1914. As a non-profit corporation, profits are returned up front in the form of sales discounts. Search the website for textbooks, Beaver apparel, general books, electronics, and more.

Corvallis Campus

OSU Craft Center

The Craft Center provides opportunities for OSU Students to engage their hearts and minds in the pursuit of self-discovery and self-expression. We provide tools that will enhance their ability to navigate and make contributions in the real world. We recognize the importance of fostering an environment that supports people's pathway toward achieving meaningful and fulfilling lives through discovery of what is important to them and the enhancement of their experiences.

With well-equipped studios and an extensive series of workshops and classes in the handcrafted/visual arts, the Craft Center complements and augments the educational opportunities available at Oregon State University.

Corvallis Campus

Outdoor Recreation in Corvallis

The greater Corvallis area is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. With miles of hiking and biking trails, dog parks, and community sports and recreation leagues, you are sure to find plenty of fun. And with state and national parks, as well as the beautiful Oregon coast to engage your senses, there are outdoor adventure opportunities literally around every corner.

Visit for local hiking and biking trails in the Willamette Valley »

Corvallis Campus

Presentation rooms and studios

Student Multimedia Services provides access to presentation rooms, a photo/video production studio, DIY Media studios, and multimedia workstations in the The Valley Library. These spaces can be reserved for academic projects, research and teaching and learning applications.

(541) 737-3332
Corvallis Campus

Recreational Sports

Through staff passion, innovation, and steadfast commitment to creating dynamic learning experiences, the Department of Recreational Sports has established itself as an essential campus partner in student wellness, a healthy campus, and the success of students and campus alike. OSU RecSports is recognized as a leader and source of best practices in the growing and evolving field of recreation. Students can also compete in more than 30 intramural sports and numerous sports clubs.

Corvallis Campus


The Office of the Registrar provides information on academic regulations, registering for classes, fees, transcripts, access to student records, and Commencement.

Corvallis Campus


SafeRide is a service dedicated to providing safe rides home or to campus safely and without judgment. SafeRide operates throughout the Corvallis and Philomath communities, and are open to all OSU students on the Corvallis campus. Before requesting a ride please review the policies, boundaries, and hours of operation.

Corvallis Campus

Spiritual Life at OSU

We serve our students and campus community by encouraging and cultivating spiritual exploration, discovery and development.

Steps to Graduate Student Success

A presentation by Dr. Anita Azeranko, Associate Dean, Graduate School, discussing the steps to be a successful graduate student. 

Filmed at the Graduate School Student Orientation - Winter 2015

Corvallis Campus

Student Conduct and Community Standards (SCCS)

The primary purpose of the Student Conduct Code is to establish community standards and procedures necessary to maintain and protect an environment conducive to learning, in keeping with the educational objectives of Oregon State University. The assumption upon which this code is based is that all persons must treat one another with dignity and respect in order for scholarship to thrive.

Corvallis Campus

Student Health Services (SHS)

Oregon State University students can be reassured that their health is supported by many caring staff and faculty members. In the forefront for health is Student Health Services. SHS clinicians, health educators and other highly skilled health professionals provide campuswide comprehensive primary health care, disease prevention and treatment services, and extensive health promotion for all OSU students.

Corvallis Campus

Student Leadership & Involvement

Student Leadership & Involvement provides opportunities for Oregon State University students to engage in shaping a better self and a better world.

Corvallis Campus

Survivor Advocacy & Resource Center (SARC)

The OSU Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center is a safe and confidential space for all university community members, including students, faculty and staff affected by different forms of violence.

Corvallis Campus

Transportation Services

Getting to and around campus and the Corvallis community is a breeze. As one of the most bike-friendly towns in the nation, along with free public transit, you can get anywhere you need to go quickly and easily.

Corvallis Campus

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is a free service for OSU students that offers support for navigating transitions and overcoming challenges that you may be facing.

Corvallis Campus

Writing help online

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) offers two types of online help:

  • Synchronous sessions take place via Skype video chat. These hour-long sessions allow students to connect and interact with a tutor face-to-face, just like in the physical Writing Center. Writers who are working on larger, more involved projects are welcome to schedule multiple consultations on a recurring basis.
  • Asynchronous sessions take place via email. Students can submit a draft electronically and receive attentive, thoughtful feedback tailored to their specific needs. Tutors will respond to student writing within 48 hours, though it may take a little longer during exceptionally busy points in the term.
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