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  • Grad Inspire 2023
  • Deadlines for graduating students
  • Career workshops
  • Mental health and wellness counseling
  • Become a radio host!
  • Visualize Your Bibliography Competition
  • Resume, CV, and cover letter drop-in hours
  • Ask Alumni Panels
  • Library workshops for grads & faculty
  • President's Commission on the Status of Women funding


Grad Inspire 2023

Join us as four current graduate students from Oregon State University share the questions and motivations framing their research in an 8 to 10-minute engaging format.

Grad Inspire combines scholarship communication with personal narrative, giving us a glimpse of not only "how" these students perform their work, but also the motivations and commitment behind it. This event introduces the phenomenal breadth of research, teaching, and discovery undertaken by graduate students at Oregon State.

When: 3:30 to 5 p.m., Thursday, March 2, 2023
Where: LaSells Stewart Center, Construction & Engineering Hall or live stream

This year's presenters

Madison Phelps, M.S. ‘22, 3rd year Ph.D. candidate in mathematics. Madison developed a deep passion for learning in her late 20's and decided to see how far it could take her. Her "math" journey has not been the typical path, and she will share her ups and downs to inspire you to follow your dreams.

Kamana Poudel, 3rd year Ph.D. student in sustainable forest management. Kamana uses a socio-economic, policy, and equity lens to study communities dependent on forestry. She will share about her upbringing in Nepal and the experiences leading her to study forest-dependent communities.

Sarah Wolf, 5th year Ph.D. candidate in microbiology. Sarah studies how marine bacteria respond to changing climate conditions, such as seasonal hypoxia off the Oregon Coast, to increase our ability to predict change and build resilient coastal communities. She will share how her connection to coastal communities influences her work and how her Christian faith fuels wonder and awe in her science.

Ryan Younker, 1st year M.A. student in applied anthropology. Ryan's research focuses on providing culturally informed care for trans and two-spirit Native Americans, along with studying the rights, roles, and responsibilities of two-spirit individuals pre-European contact. Ryan will share his experiences during undergrad that led to him dropping out of college for two years, his mental health struggles, gender transition, finishing his undergraduate degree, and ultimately coming to OSU.

Deadlines for graduating students

If you're planning to graduate in the coming months, please find the Graduate School's degree completion steps and deadlines on the master's and doctoral degree pages. On those pages you can find graduation timelines and required tasks such as submitting your program of study, diploma application and final exam scheduling forms. Avoid last-minute surprises and set yourself up for a smooth finish to your well-earned degree! Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

Career workshops from Beyond the Professoriate

On-Campus Academic Job Interviews
9 to 9:30 a.m. PT, Feb. 1, 2023

It's the time of year in the academic job market cycle when on-campus interviews are taking place. Maybe you're waiting to hear back after having completed some screening interviews. Or maybe you've already booked your on-campus interview dates, and you're wondering what to expect.

Join the Beyond the Professoriate team to learn how best to approach an on-campus interview and how to effectively pitch yourself as the candidate for the role.

This virtual workshop is uniquely designed for doctoral students, Ph.D.s, and postdocs from all academic disciplines who are wondering:

  • What do I need to prepare for my on-campus interview?
  • How can I request information from an institution to prepare properly?
  • What kinds of questions will the hiring committee ask me?
  • How can I adapt to unexpected situations that might arise in an interview?

This webinar is sponsored by the Global Higher Education division of ETS®.

Register for On-Campus Academic Job Interviews

How to Market Your Ph.D.
9 to 9:30 a.m. PT, Feb. 15, 2023:

As a grad student or postdoc, you might be wondering what you can do with your Ph.D. Where can you apply your skills and experience outside of academia in a meaningful and rewarding way? And how can you communicate your value to potential employers?

Join the Beyond the Professoriate team to learn how to identify your most marketable skills, and communicate those skills to employers in industry.

This virtual workshop is uniquely designed for doctoral students, Ph.D.s, and postdocs from all academic disciplines who are wondering:

  • How do I find a nonacademic career path where I can use my skills and experience?
  • What skills do I have that employers are looking for in job candidates?
  • How do I articulate the value that I bring to industry positions?

This webinar is sponsored by the Global Higher Education division of ETS.

Register for How to Market Your Ph.D.

From our partners

Free and confidential mental health and wellness counseling

Anytime Anywhere: MySSP @ Oregon State is an app that provides free and confidential mental health and wellness counseling anytime from anywhere in the world, 365 days a year. You can request a counselor that matches your identity by sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, language, and more. (Unavailable for students with OSU Portland Center as their primary location.)

Become a host on Inspiration Dissemination

Do you have a passion for storytelling? Are you looking for a great volunteer opportunity to hone your communication skills? Want to meet awesome grad students and help them tell their stories?

The longest running and most prolific OSU radio show and podcast hosted on KBVR Corvallis 88.7FM, Inspiration Dissemination (ID), is looking for 3-4 new graduate student hosts!

What is ID?

ID is a weekly radio show (Sundays at 7 p.m.) and podcast that features the research and personal story of a different graduate student each week. ID is not just a science show, we have interviewed graduate students from all academic colleges. ID hosts recruit guests, prep them for interviews, write blogs, and edit podcasts. We are looking for dedicated hosts to join our crew. If you are interested email us at [email protected].

Time commitment

After training to become a KBVR DJ and ID host (typically 4-5 weeks), our hosts estimate a time commitment of less than 6 hours per assigned show. With our current numbers, that means 3 shows a term or less than 20 hours a term. And our hosts agree that getting to know other phenomenal graduate students and helping them share their work with a broad audience is well worth our time. If you have questions about ID, email [email protected] or get details from our current and past hosts.

If you're not interested in becoming a host but would like to come on the show to share your research and your story, we invite you to sign up!

Visualize Your Bibliography Competition

All OSU graduate students are welcome to compete in the Visualize Your Bibliography Competition. Display the sources you've been finding for your thesis, articles, or other scholarly work in a creative way and win fantastic prizes! Ever wonder what your bibliography would look like as a mobile? Book dominoes? Video? Wearable art? Poem? Collage? Edible art? Us too!

Submissions – due April 16. Questions – appropriate anytime. For more details visit the website or email Hannah Rempel.

Resume, CV, and Cover Letter Drop-in Hours

Stop by the Grad Commons 3 to 5 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 23 and meet with a career advisor for a free review of your resume, CV, or cover letter. This is a great opportunity to prepare for your next career move! No appointments necessary. Meet with Erich White and Karla Rockhold, Assistant Directors of Career Development with OSU's Career Development Center.

Ask Alumni Panels

Learn from the experiences of accomplished alumni about career paths in water and ocean sciences, public service, agricultural sciences, public health, forestry, and more.

Register for free at

  • Feb. 1 - Turning health and technology skills into in-demand careers
  • Feb. 2 - Careers in recreation and the outdoor economy
  • Feb. 8 - So you got into grad school. Now what? Hosted by Vamos OSU.
  • Feb. 22 - "Future Industry" - Exploring trends in retail and design across digital, data and technology

Library workshops for grads & faculty

Attend a free workshop from the OSU Valley Library to help you get started with your literature review, learn how to use citation management software tools, or how to manage your data responsibly.

President's Commission on the Status of Women funding

Applications for PCOSW scholarships to fund Winter and Spring term projects are now being accepted. The President's Commission on the Status of Women provides funding to faculty, students, and staff who are pursuing professional development, research, outreach, or creative projects related to gender equity issues. The maximum amount offered is $1000, although scholarships average $300, and funds are paid by reimbursement. Applications are due Sunday, Feb. 19. Visit the PCOSW webpage for detailed guidelines and qualification requirements. Please have a budget outline and project justification statement prepared before beginning the application. Questions? Contact [email protected].