The initial functionality will be developed in two phases.

Phase I : Applicant 

Outline of Functionality
  • Integration with Banner & Nolij
  • Major specific application questions & instructions
  • Major specific reference questions
  • Increased application status visibility for applicant (up to the hour)
  • Document upload within admission application
  • Document upload for reference writers
  • Ability for programs to create admissions review committees & workflows
  • Individually customizable views & ranking options
  • Ability to write personal notes and committee level shared notes
  • Email communication (manual, scheduled & triggered individual and mass)

User Stories

User stories are what we create to understand the project needs from a user's perspective. Expected users of this phase are new applicants, returning applicants, department faculty, and graduate school staff. We have a collection of stories derived from many interviews with expected users, including admissions faculty and staff from each department that we serve. Please take a moment to download and explore the user stories that we have collected.  The user stories are used to define the deliverables for Phase I including: 1) The DAF Process; 2) The Application; and 3) The Admissions Committee.

Phase II : Student 

  • Digital program of study
  • Graduate committee management
  • eSignature capabilities
  • Graduate faculty functionality
  • Event scheduling functionality
  • Some recruitment functions
  • Some alumni functions
  • Grants and Scholarships functions
  • Forms
  • Enhanced Reporting