The Intent to Enroll survey is used by the Graduate School to invite applicants to share the factors that impact choosing a graduate program as well as their intention to accept (or not) Oregon State University’s offer of admission. This survey typically takes 5 minutes or less. Participation is voluntary.

Intent to enroll process

  • Applicant fills out and submits application using the online application (
  • If applicant is accepted, the Graduate School sends an email confirming admission.   
  • Within 7-10 days admitted students will receive another email with a link to the online application to fill out the intent to enroll survey.  
  • The link to the Intent to Enroll Survey appears on the application. The admitted student logs into the online application, clicks the icon link (  ) to access and complete the survey.
  • Program staff can review survey results in the Graduate Education Toolkit multi-app view.

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