Logging into the Development environment
Creating an application
Customizing an application
Customizing questions
Add / Edit Question Modal
Customization Video



(terms in image above are used in descriptions below)

  • Deadline: please submit all customization requests by Tuesday August 22.  If additional time is necessary, please contact as soon as possible.
  • If your program does not desire any customizations please make an application (according to the directions below) and submit it unchanged.  This will let us know you have reviewed your application (and will keep us from bugging you to submit changes).
  • The Development environment (Sandbox) you will be logging into will initially have a direct copy of the Graduate Admissions Application. 
  • Only Program Authorized Editors – program directors and coordinators – have the ability to customize applications.  All others can log in, create applications, and provide customization feedback to the Program Authorized Editors. 
  • Some questions cannot be customized.  For example, questions in the “Personal Information” section are standard across all program applications and are not customizable; however, all of the questions in the “Program Specific Questions” are customizable.  Note: if it is desired that a specific question be customized but that option does not appear to be available, there is a “Request Section Help” button at the bottom of the page for such requests.
  • It is important to create a separate application for each program (major, degree & campus) which needs to be customized or reviewed. 
  • All changes (question edits, additions & deletions) saved by an Authorized Editor will be immediately viewable in any new applications created for that same program.
    • Changes saved will not be viewable in pre-existing applications.  Application questions are created dynamically at the start of a new application and not subsequently changed. 
  • Multiple applications can be created, customized and saved for a single program however only the last one submitted will be considered.
  • After submitting a customization:
    • Customized questions will be reviewed for grammar, punctuation, readability and appropriateness. 
    • All customization requests submitted through the “Request Help” buttons will be reviewed and verified with the customization submitter.
    • The customizations will be moved to the Production environment and made ‘live’ before the beginning of the fall 2017 term.


Logging into the Development environment


Creating an application

  • Click on the “Start a new application” button and choose “Graduate application”.

  • Click “Start New Graduate Application”

  • Choose the application details (Citizenship, Campus, Degree Level, Major, Degree Code, etc.) needed for your program. 
  • Click “Continue”.
  • Verify application details and click “Yes, start my application”.


Customizing an application

  • If you are an Authorized Editor, you will see an “Enable Edit Mode” button

  • Clicking the “Enable Edit Mode” button will provide additional buttons.


  • Disable Edit Mode
    • Removes the edit buttons and returns to the standard applicant view of the application.
  • Request Deadline Change
    • Terms and deadlines are directly below these buttons.
    • Click the “Request Deadline Change” button to provide term, deadline changes, and create a service ticket.
  • Other Request
    • Click the “Other Request” button to request other customizations not currently available (such as adding a new section) and create a service ticket.
  • Finish Customizing
    • Click “Finish Customizing” when all customizations are complete and application is ready to go live.


Customizing questions

  • From the “Application Checklist” page, click on the section to be customized.
  • Under each question there are four buttons:

  • Edit Question
    • Click the “Edit Question” button to bring up the question edit modal.  See below for more information about the modal.
  • Remove Question
    • This will completely delete the question from this application.  This action cannot be ‘undone’ by the user.
  • Add Question
    • Click the “Add Question” button to bring up the question edit modal.  See below for more information about the modal.
  • Request Question Help
    • Click the “Request Question Help” button to request other customizations not currently available (such as validation rules, branching questions, letter of reference questions, etc.) and create a service ticket.
  • At the bottom of each page is a “Request Section Help” button for requesting other customizations not currently available and creating a service ticket.


Add / Edit Question Modal

  • Clicking on the “Edit Question” or “Add Question” buttons will bring up a modal with the following fields.
    • Name:
      • The name of the question should be reflective of the question intent and mirror the text in the "Multi-app-view column header label" field.
    • Add To future applications where:
      • This feature allows you to add this question to other application combinations where appropriate (such as the same major, degree on a different campus).  It is important to create and review the other application combinations when this feature is used.
    • Type:
      • Select the type of answer for this question.  Some answer types require additional specifications (such as the picklist, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down, and document upload) which are provided in the Options area.
    • Question text:
      • Enter the question the applicant should see.
    • Help text:
      • Enter additional information that will help the applicant with this question.  This text will appear when the applicant moves the mouse cursor over the red question mark beside the question.
    • Make question required to submit application:
      • If selected the applicant will not be able to submit their application unless this question is answered.  If not selected the applicant will be able to submit their application without answering this question.
    • Options:
      • The Options section may change depending on the answer type.  The Options section is used to specify the selectable answers available to the applicant. For example, the options section will not appear if the answer type is a text field but it will for a drop down menu.
      • Generally, the Options section displays a table with the headers “label” and “value” and several controls (described below).  Each row below the headers are a different selectable answer. The values in the “label” column are the answers the applicant will see.  Generally, the value and label fields should be the same.
        • Click on the text below the label or value column header to highlight and change the text. 
        • Click on the red minus sign button () to remove the answer in that row.
        • Click on the blue arrow buttons to move the answer in that row up () or down ().
        • Click on the green plus sign button () to add a new answer (row).
    • Multi-app-view column header label:
      • This should be reflective of (same or similar) the “Name” field (first question on this modal).  This field will be displayed as the column header on the Multi-App-View page of the Application Console. 


Customization Video