The student handbooks outline program policies, requirements, and expectations for students enrolled in the GCCUT program. In addition, the handbook compiles and summarizes additional university policies and teaching-related resources that may prove useful to GCCUT students. The most recent version may also be of interest to people considering submitting and application to the program, as it provides more detail concerning program requirements.

Access to Combined Handbook for On-site and Ecampus Students

(Fall 2016 and beyond)

  2019 Cohort

  2018 Cohort

  2017 Cohort

  2016 Cohort

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  2015 Cohort

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  2013 Cohort

Note: Each student will be held to the expectations and requirements set forth in the handbook for the academic year of their admission.

Access the Ecampus Student Handbook

(Winter 2016)

  Winter 2016 Ecampus Cohort