Lauren DiCarlo was in the 2015 cohort of the GCCUT program. She completed the GCCUT program in 2016 and graduated from OSU with a Ph.D. in Fisheries and Wildlife in 2018. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Environmental Science at Westfield State University

Q&A with Lauren DiCarlo

Please briefly describe your new position and responsibilities at your job.

Responsibilities include teaching 12 undergraduate credits per year of introductory to upper-level environmental science courses.


What specific aspects of your participation in the GCCUT program impacted your job attainment process?

The GCCUT program taught me how to develop enriching and experiential courses. It prepared me with a well-rounded teaching portfolio and a detailed teaching philosophy that I believe helped me in being selected for an interview. During my interview, I was able to use a short hands-on teaching activity that I designed in the GCCUT program during my teaching demonstration. Once I started my new position, I felt very prepared to start teaching in my tenure-track position, especially since I already had experience in developing new courses in GCCUT. 


In what ways has taking part in the GCCUT program changed your thinking about teaching, learning, or higher education in general?

Before the program I had been teaching for four years but knew very little about adult education. As I took the GCCUT courses, I discovered that my teaching style and philosophy were changing--I became more flexible, empathetic, and more focused on providing my students with hands-on experiences.


Is there anything else you would add about your GCCUT experience that you think would interest prospective students?

GCCUT is an intense program that will prepare you for teaching in higher education. Students develop the skills necessary to teach in a diverse classroom and become a flexible, competent instructor. Students also receive support in developing a high-quality teaching portfolio that is invaluable for future interviews.