This program provides graduate tuition support for graduate fellows or trainees whose stipends are paid by an eligible university unit or directly by the institution via competitive training grants and/or portable external fellowships (examples are NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, Ford Foundation Predoctoral and Dissertation Fellowship Program, etc.) in which the cost of education allowance falls short of meeting the tuition needs of fellows or trainees, and whose stipends provide a stipend value equivalent to that provided by at least a .49 FTE graduate assistantship as specified by the minimum recommended stipend guidelines published annually by the Graduate School.

The intent of this program is to maximize the value of traineeships and fellowships by supplementing cost of education allowances that do not cover the full instructional fees of graduate students funded by such programs.


To be eligible for tuition scholarship support, a student must qualify for appointment as a Graduate Fellow at OSU.  See Graduate Fellow eligibility requirements here:


To request support for the 2019-20 academic year, please complete the online Tuition Support Request form. Note: You must be logged into ONID to access this form.

PLEASE NOTE: The Graduate School’s tuition waiver support funding for 2018-19 is fully committed at this time. Questions, send an email to

Award Level

Tuition scholarship support will be based upon the resources available in the cost of education allowance and the amount of shortfall in meeting the instructional fee requirements of the trainee or fellow. Tuition support will be applied toward instructional fees only. The cost of education allowance is primarily responsible for paying the trainee or fellow's instructional fees. Tuition support may be awarded on a full-year or partial year basis, depending on the duration and distribution of the training grant or fellowship stipend. 

Award Distribution

Tuition support will be posted directly to the student's account as a scholarship at the beginning of each academic term during the award period, pending the student's eligibility and required enrollment for the term.


Deadline for nomination is February 13, 2019.  


Point 7 within the OSU Graduate Tuition Remission Allocation Model in the Graduate Tuition Remission Policy document:


Please Note: The Graduate School's tuition support program awards are subject to budget availability and must be requested each year by the student's program per Graduate School guidelines.