At this point, you should be actively engaged in or completing your internship project at the start of your second year.

Here are some activities you’ll be involved in during your final year of graduate studies.

Academic Milestones

Final Report

At the conclusion of your internship, you will be required to write a Final Internship Report, presented in both scientific as well as business plan formats. Specific instructions and requirements for this report are available online. Writing the report will help you understand scientific applications and develop your skills in written communication for both business and technical audiences. Make sure that you share your final internship report with your PSM advisor and graduate committee members at least 3 weeks in advance of your final examination to allow time for feedback and revisions.

Final Exam/Defense

All Master's degrees require a final oral exam. You must have satisfied your Program of Study requirements and have a cumulative graduate GPA of 3.00 in order to schedule the final oral examination. All incomplete course work appearing on the Program of Study must be completed prior to scheduling the exam. You will be expected to present results from your internship experience as a seminar open to all graduate students and departmental members (alternative arrangements will be made for students who were required to sign confidentiality agreements with companies where they conducted their internships). After the seminar, only Graduate Committee members will remain to ask questions about your internship, coursework, and other topics relevant to your field of study.

You must contact members of your graduate committee to arrange the date, time and place for your final exam. Then schedule the exam with the Graduate School office not less than one week prior to the event using an Event Scheduling Form. It is advised that you try to schedule your exam at least one month in advance to be sure that all your committee members can attend.

The exam should be scheduled for two hours. Final exams may be held only during the periods when classes are in session (including finals week), and you must be registered for a minimum of 3 credits when you take your final exam. You are responsible for: 1) making arrangements for the final examination with your graduate committee, 2) informing the Graduate School for the date, time and place of the exam using the Event Scheduling Form, and 3) notifying and reminding the committee of the exam date, time and location.

It is generally expected that all committee members or approved substitutes must be physically present for all meetings required by the Graduate School and for all formal examinations. If you have a special case in which a committee member may need to participate remotely, please review the committee presence guidelines.

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Exit Interview

Schedule your exit interview with the PSM Advisor at the same time that you're scheduling your final oral exam. Bring a signed copy of your final report to the exit interview. If revisions are still required, please send a final copy once they have been completed. The interview shouldn't take more than 20-30 minutes and will give us an opportunity to learn about your experiences as a PSM student so that we can continually improve our program. We would also like to register you as an OSU Professional Science Master's alumnus!

Social and Mentoring Events


Please check back for announcements about workshops and gatherings over the course of the year.