As the world of business becomes more dependent on scientific technologies, there is an increasing demand for managers who are comfortable in the business of science. The Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Degree, dubbed the new “Science MBA”, aims to fill this niche by equipping graduates with skills in both business and science, priming them for employment outside academia.

Students take many of the same core science courses as do traditional M.S. students, but they also receive additional training in ethics, communications, and business management. Instead of conducting academic research for their thesis project, PSM students complete an internship off-campus, which allows them to apply their scientific skills and knowledge to real-world challenges.

Industry and agency partners are an essential part of the PSM programs at Oregon State University. Regional employers understand the needs of the workforce and initially helped shape development of these programs at OSU. We continue to rely on representatives from the public and private employment sectors to help maintain competitive, cutting-edge programs.

If you are interested in partnering with us and hosting PSM students in Enviromental Sciences, please contact the PSM Advisor.