There is real value in the relationships students develop with one another, professors, colleagues, PSM alumni, and potential employers. Activities described below help foster development of those relationships and can vary from casual gatherings to formal mentorship programs. 

Academic Milestones

Major Professor and Graduate Committee

Start identifying members of your graduate committee as soon as you’ve been accepted into a graduate program! Your graduate committee must consist of three members of the Graduate Faculty, and they guide your course work and internship experience and serve as your final examining committee. A major professor is not required as the PSM advisor can serve as your major professor during your program. 

Graduate Registration

You should schedule an appointment with your major professor or PSM advisor to select classes for your first term of study. Registration can be completed online during enrollment periods as listed in the Academic Calendar. Visit the Curriculum page to learn about classes you can take. 


You should start thinking about what you’d like to do for your internship project as soon as you’ve been accepted into the PSM program! The experience should complement your field of study, add to current skills sets, and move you closer to your long-term career objectives. You can start your internship experience anytime during your degree program; however, most students initiate their project during the summer following completion of their first year of courses. Internships may be completed on a part-time or full-time basis, but should total the minimum equivalent of 3 month’s full-time work. You must have your graduate committee and internship supervisor formally approve your internship proposal at least 3 weeks prior to starting your project!

Social and Mentoring Events


Please check back for announcements about workshops and gatherings over the course of the year.


The National PSM Association (NPSMA) holds annual conferences as well as workshops and webinars to enrich your educational experience and provide you with career guidance: