Minimum academic requirements for acceptance to a graduate program:

Academic credentials

One of the following academic credentials are required:

  • 4 year Bachelor's degree (Honours)
  • GCE A Levels plus 3 year Bachelor's degree
  • A professional degree signifying completion of a 4-year equivalent degree relating to a specific career; for example: Law, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Medical or Dental fields (if available in your country)
If bachelor’s degrees in your country are typically 3-years in length, the OSU academic program has the option of validating that the 3-year bachelor’s degree, if earned at an accredited/recognized institution, has appropriately prepared the applicant for their graduate program of study.

Minimum grades

One of the following grading scales are required:

  • A cumulative average GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (B average)
  • A cumulative average of 70% (Merit) out of 100%
  • Percentage or grade equal to Second Class Honours; Upper Division
  • Grading scales vary, please refer to the grading scale on your transcript.
The OSU Graduate School uses a variety of resources to determine degree and grade equivalencies. Please note that the information above is not complete, but rather represents the most common credentials and grading scales we receive from this country. Equivalencies are subject to change without notice.

English proficiency

Minimum English proficiency for regular admission:
  • Internet Based (iBT): 80 minimum total score with minimum of 18 on all subscores
  • Paper Based: 550 minimum total score
  • IETLS 6.5 total score
Minimum English Proficiency for Transitional Admission Program (TAP):
  • Internet Based (iBT): 60-79 minimum total score OR any subscore less than 18
  • Paper Based: 500 minimum total score
  • IETLS 6.0 total score