Instructions for Enrolling in the Biological Data Sciences Minor

1. Discuss your plans with the BLDS program director, John Fowler.

2. Identify a professor who will represent the BLDS minor on your graduate committee.

  • This person must be a faculty member of the minor, cannot be in the same department/school as your major professor, and cannot be your GCR.
  • List of faculty
  • If you want a minor professor who is not listed, contact the BLDS program director, John Fowler, so they can be invited to join the minor.

3. Complete the BLDS Advising worksheet and have it signed by:

  • Your major professor
  • The BLDS advisor
  • Your BLDS minor professor

4. Complete a program of study (either new or revised) showing the courses to be taken for the minor.

  • Do NOT use the Petition for Change form as it does not have a way to show which courses are providing dual credit towards your major and minor