Graduate student travel to conferences is essential for the professional development of our students. The university also benefits by being represented at such events. The travel funds from this program are designed to provide graduate students with financial support to cover part of the cost of attending and presenting their scholarly achievements at prestigious conferences and venues.

Directors of graduate programs (department chairs/heads, program directors) may submit one application per deadline per graduate program.

Nominations will only be accepted from the Administrative Unit the student's program is from, regardless of their major professor's home department. Students may not submit on their own behalf. Students are encouraged to work with their Unit to apply.

Award Details 

Awards are intended to cover up to half of the full cost of attending a conference (air and or ground transportation, hotel, meals, and meeting registration). Approximately 10 awards will be made per quarter. The maximum award will be $500 for domestic travel and $1,000 for international travel. The department or program should indicate the % of the travel expenses that will be covered by the department/program or other sources. Applicants supported on grants, fellowships, or other means that identify funds specifically for student travel should indicate the % of the travel costs that will be paid from the grant or fellowship funds. These percentages should be entered on the cost coverage worksheet available below.


  • Students must be a regularly admitted graduate student in good standing and enrolled in at least 3 credits at OSU at the time of the conference, or in the case of a conference occurring between the end of spring term and the beginning of fall term, the student must be returning to at least 3 credits of enrollment in fall term.
  • Domestic and international students are eligible.
  • The student must be listed as an author or presenting the materials that have been accepted by the conference. 
  • Funding is only for national or international conferences.
  • Student must have an approved Program of Study filed with the Graduate School to be nominated.

Application Deadlines

  • February 1 for travel between March 1 and July 31,
  • May 1 for travel between June 1 and October 31,
  • August 1 for travel between September 1 and January 31, and
  • November 1 for travel between December 1 and April 30 of the following year.
  • All applications are due by 5pm on the specified deadline 
  • An application may be submitted before a notice of acceptance has been received from the conference organizer, but an award will not be made until the notification has been received. 

Application Requirements

Students may not submit on their own behalf. Students are encouraged to work with their Unit to apply.

When the award is open there is a login link at the bottom of this page.

In addition to the online form, the following is also required to upload in a single black and white PDF in the order listed:

  1. A completed signature page and percentages of cost coverage worksheet.
  2. A copy of the submitted abstract or submitted product. Include the title, the authors in the order they appear in the submission and the abstract.
  3. Student's statement of the importance and value of the meeting. If relevant, details of workshops, job interviews, project development, journal article writing, field trips, networking sessions, leadership in the sponsoring agency, and collaboration that will occur. (one page or less).
  4. A copy of student's filed program of study.
  5. Notification of acceptance of presentation OR indicate the acceptance is pending and when notification is expected. Indicate whether this will be an oral or poster presentation.
  6. Student's curriculum vitae.
  7. Budget. Include an itemized list of ground and/or air transportation, meals, lodging, meeting registration fee, abstract fee, other, a justification/explanation of the costs, and the total cost and amount requested from the Graduate School. Attempts to economize are important.
  8. Advisor or Major Professor’s statement on stature of the meeting or conference relative to conferences in the field, and acceptance rate of submissions. (Be sure to explain the purpose of this letter to your advisor or major professor).

Name the merged document using the following file name convention:
Student's last name_deadline month and year_grad major_GradTravel.pdf 
(e.g. Smith_Feb2015_Physics_Grad Travel.pdf). 


A committee set up by the Graduate School will select awardees based on:

  • Funds available.
  • Completeness of the application.
  • The strength of the student's statement of the reason for attending (as shown by activities planned).
  • The student's stage in the degree program.
  • Reasonableness of the budget and attempts at economizing.
  • The strength of the student's CV.
  • Stature of conference (as indicated in the advisor/major professor's letter).
  • The level of departmental and grant support.
  • A balance of awards across the university.
  • Stature of student involvement in presentation, judged from meeting details (Presentor/First Author/Contributor).


Awards will be announced approximately five weeks after the application deadlines. The funds will be distributed to and managed by the department/program indicated on the Graduate Student Travel Award Signature Page and Cost Coverage Worksheet (see #1 of document upload).


Within a month of returning from the conference the student should send a one page report to the Graduate School that includes the student's name, major, degree sought, major professor's name, the conference attended, the dates and location of the conference, the presentation title, and a description of the significant outcomes of the meeting for the student. The report should be emailed to Graduate Scholarships at

Nomination Form

 Nominations are currently closed for this award.