Prospective students from all over the country were invited to attend this year's OSU Graduate School Recruitment Day on April 14, 2017. Attendees came from California, Washington, Georgia, Arizona, Hawaii and different parts of Oregon ready to see what OSU has to offer.

Students ate breakfast and listened to presentations by Graduate School leadership faculty at the Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center. Graduate Student Ambassadors were there to answer questions about grad student life and escort attendees on campus tour. After lunch, students met with their department of interest to learn more about the programs available. Faculty members were there to answer questions.


At the end of the day, students made their way back to Lonnie B. Harris to reflect on the day’s events. The students commented on the beautiful campus and appreciated the personalized planning that went into the day’s event.

We were so happy to show what OSU has to offer and hope to see everyone again soon!

If interested in graduate education or would like to attend our Recruitment Day next year, please get in touch with us at Learn more about the graduate programs at Oregon State by visiting