Dual Ph.D.

Only one degree is awarded for dual major Ph.D. degrees.

You must be admitted to the Ph.D. program in each of the two major fields.

You must fulfill all program requirements (e.g., written preliminary examinations, language requirements) in each of the two major fields.

You have the option of one or two major professors. If one major professor is selected, this professor must be approved to direct doctoral dissertations in both of the two major fields. If two major professors from the two major fields are selected, each must be approved to direct doctoral dissertations in their field.

On the graduate program the number of hours of coursework should be similar in each of the two fields, and the students should register for approximately the same number of thesis hours in each field.

Your doctoral committee shall consist of a minimum of two Graduate Faculty members from each major and a Graduate Council representative.

The dissertation must show evidence of originality and a real contribution to knowledge in both of the major fields.

All other non-conflicting rules and requirements governing Ph.D. degree apply.

Pursuing a second Ph.D.

Students may enroll for a second PhD degree if they have previously obtained a PhD from OSU or elsewhere. Concurrent pursuit of dual PhD degrees is not allowed. In the case of a student pursuing a second PhD degree, requirements for the second PhD must be met without overlap with the first PhD degree including, but not limited to:

  • Successful completion of a second preliminary exam
  • Separate thesis with no overlap with the first PhD thesis
  • A final defense exam for the second PhD
  • A different major advisor from the first PhD
  • A thesis committee of different faculty than the first PhD degree (although some, but not complete, overlap between committee members would be acceptable in the case of two PhD degrees from OSU)
  • And all other requirements for the second PhD degree program.

Courses from the first PhD degree relevant to the second degree may be allowed to transfer between the two degrees. However, the student’s program of study committee must approve all course transfers, should pay particular attention to the relevancy, overlap, and currency of any courses to be transferred from one PhD degree to another, and are advised to proceed conservatively when approving course transfers from a first PhD to a second PhD degree.

[Source: OSU Catalog]