Working in the lab

Oregon State University welcomes postdocs and their families.

We strive to create an environment that stimulates your creativity and nurtures your professionalism, and we realize that your academic and creative successes are a cornerstone of the success of the institution.  At OSU there are several appointment types that are commonly referred to as “postdocs”, with a major distinction between postdocs who are employees and those who are trainees. These web pages primarily address the trainees – postdoctoral scholars and postdoctoral fellows. Postdocs who are employees should consult with the Office of Human Resources for employee-related questions, although they are welcome to participate in programs sponsored by the Office of Postdoctoral Programs. Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows can expect a full-time program of advanced academic preparation and research training under the guidance of a faculty mentor, with significant attention to their personal professional development as defined by an Individual Development Plan. Your position as Postdoctoral Scholar or Fellow is not so much a job as it is a stepping stone to your future. Where the path leads is ultimately up to you, but we’re here to help!

About the Office of Postdoctoral Programs

The Office of Postdoctoral Programs (OPP) operates within the Graduate School, and the Dean of the Graduate School ultimately has responsibility for the functions of the Office.  The mission of the OPP is to enrich the postdoctoral experience at OSU.  Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows are the primary focus for the OPP, but the programs, newsletters and other services are also available to the broader community of PhDs at OSU who have non-professorial positions, including those with research associate (postdoc) appointments. The primary activities of the OPP are: to develop and support professional development opportunities for postdocs; advocate on behalf of postdocs; individual consultations with Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows and Postdoctoral Research Associates; assistance to faculty and administrators in recruiting and supervising of postdocs; a biweekly newsletter with information about upcoming events and news relevant to postdocs; monthly postdoc pizza lunches organized around relevant topics. 

Postdoc Survival Guide

New and newly accepted postdoctoral applicants may have questions about OSU, and the orientation process. To have these questions answered and more, please download our Postdoc Survival Guide

OSU Postdoctoral Association

The Oregon State University Postdoctoral Association (OPA) aims to provide a social network for all OSU-affiliated postdocs and a framework for liaising with and advising the Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Research.